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August 01, 2018

NALC Update

Come, Spend the Week, and Save 10%!

The 42nd Annual National Consumer Voice for Quality Long- Term Care Conference and the 2018 National Aging and Law Conference (NALC) are the same week, at the same hotel in Alexandria, Virginia.

The Consumer Voice Conference is Monday and Tuesday with optional post conference programing on Wednesday. The optional NALC Pre- Conference program is on Wednesday and NALC is on Thursday and Friday.

  • If you are registering for the 42nd Annual National Consumer Voice for Quality Long-Term Care Conference and the National Aging and Law Conference, e-mail David.Godfrey@ for a discount code for 10% off on NALC registration. (To qualify for the discount, you must register and pay for both conferences.)

If you’ve been on the fence about attending the NALC Pre-Conference, Skills You Can Use, consider this: Helping clients who are older is different than in other areas of the law.

This pre-conference intensive covers essential skills:

  • Spotting hidden issues
  •  Interviewing older clients
  • Navigating the ethical challenges of working with clients at higher risk of diminished capacity.

This year’s conference features a half-day afternoon format so that participants can fly on the morning of the pre-conference, Wednesday, October 24.

The pre-conference provides a great opportunity learn and to network with your colleagues. Registration is only $60; register now because space is limited