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December 01, 2018

Bifocal Archives Prior to September 2011

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BIFOCAL 32 (6) August 2011

75    Summit to Develop Standards for Guardianship Performance, Decision-making 
75    What Happens to Hotline Clients After the Call? by Shoshanna Erlich
76    Take the Survey of Aging Service Professionals 
77    Five Key Legal Issues of Older LGBT Adults by David Godfrey
79 Handbook for Mortals: Guidance for People Facing Serious Illness by Charles P. Sabatino
83    NYSBA Publishes Journal Devoted to Planning for the Elder Years by Jamie Philpotts
Call for Nominations for Elder Rights Advocacy Hall of Fame
87    What Is Systemic Impact Advocacy? by David Godfrey
88    CLE: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Elder Abuse (Webinar) 

BIFOCAL 32 (5) June 2011

63    Call to Join the Elder Justice Act Postcard Campaign 
64    Commission on Law and Aging Awarded Grant 
65    Commission on Law and Aging Welcomes Summer Interns 
65   Report Analyzes Barriers, Identifies Ways to Improve Outreach to Seniors 
66   States Report Success with Physician Orders to Honor Patient’s Treatment Wishes 
67   Vote for the Best Legal Novel of the Year 
67   Join Us at the ABA Annual Meeting
68   National Aging and Law Institute 
69   Upcoming Webinar: What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Elder Abuse 
70   Understanding Ethical Issues in Elder Law
71   Book Review: Jan’s Story—Love Lost to the Long Goodbye of Alzheimer’s by David Godfrey
72   Communities Advancing—Slowly—to Meet the Needs of an Aging Population by Mollie Gurian
73   Wyoming Joins States with Emeritus Pro Bono Rule by David Godfrey
74    Complimentary CLE on Representing Veterans 

BIFOCAL (32) 4 April 2011  Special Elder Abuse Issue

41   Jilenne Gunther Details Costs of Financial Exploitation of Elderly by interview by Lori A. Stiegel
43   Power of Celebrity at the Senate Special Committee on Aging Hearing; EJA Update; New Bills Introduced by Lori A. Stiegel
43    Commission to Develop Pocket Guide on Legal Issues Related to Elder Abuse by Lori A. Stiegel
45    Research Demonstrates Effectiveness of Wisconsin’s New Individual-at-Risk Restraining Order 
46    The Cost of Financial Exploitation by Jilenne Gunther
57    Nation’s First Elder Abuse Forensic Center Wins U.S. Attorney General’s Award 
58    New Resource: Planning for Future Health Care Decisions Your Way by Charles Sabatino
59    Florida College of Medicine-Law Center Adapts ABA Commission’s Health Proxy Guide 
60    Book Review: ERISA and Employee Benefits Law by David Godfrey
62    Continuing Legal Education: Sign up now for ethical issues in Elder Law Webinar (June 28) and download complimentary webinars on representing veterans.

BIFOCAL (32) 3 February 2011   
29   American Bar Association Launches redesigned Web Site
30    National Healthcare Decisions Day Is Around the Corner
31    Medicare Matters: New Benefit Provides Beneficiaries with Annual Wellness Visit by Leslie Fried
33    Elder Rage or Take My Father . . . Please, book review by David Godfrey
34    Call for Participation in Elder Law Study
34     Announcement of 2011 - 2012 Borchard Fellowship in Law and Aging
35    Complimentary CLE Webinars on Representing Veterans
36    How to Give a Better Workshop Presentation by David Godfrey 
38    Florida Adapts Making Medical Decisions for Someone Else Guide by Erica Wood


BIFOCAL 32 (2) December 2010

15 What Is Quality in Elder Care Mediation and Why should Elder Law Advocates Care? by Ellie Crosby Lanier
21 Why a Client's Status as a Veteran Should be an Important Component of Your Planning by Felicia Pasculli
21 CLE Webinar : A Closer Look at the Veterans Administration Schedule for Rating Disabilities                             
Start Planning Now for Law Day 2011! 
23    Military Service and the Law (CLE DVD/book review by David Godfrey
25    Updated Resources on the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act by Erica Wood 
26    Highlights of 9th Annual National Aging and Law Conference by Jamie Philpotts 
26    CLE Webinar : What Every Lawyer Needs to Know About Medicare in 2011

BIFOCAL 32 (1) October 2010

ABA Commission to Develop Pocket Guide on Legal Issues Related to Elder Abuse by Lori Stiegel 
1  In Search of Adequate Funding for Legal Assistance for Low-income Seniors by David Godfrey 
3 ABA Commission Welcomes Distinguished New Members 
5  Report Shows Women Affected Most by Alzheimer’s Disease by Jamie Philpotts
7 GAO Report on Guardianship Underscores Need for Standards, Training, and Monitoring 
7 Free CLE Webinar on Representing Veterans: Establishing Service Connection on Disability Claims
13 ABA Commission Offers Legal Externship Opportunities for Winter/Spring Conference

BIFOCAL 31 (6) August 2010

115 ABA Commission Project to Help States Establish POLST Programs to Honor Patients' Wishes for Advanced Illness Care by Jamie Philpotts
116 Borchard Foundation Invites Applicants for Academic Research Grant Program
117 Adapt Making Medical Decisions for Someone Else for Your State
120 ABA Family Law Section Committee Keeps Focus on Vulnerable Adults and Special Needs Families by Paula Kirby
120 Summary of Health Care Decision Statutes Enacted in 2010 by Martina Mills and Charles P. Sabatino
124 CLE: Three (Free) Webinars on Advanced Topics in Representing Veterans with Veterans' Benefits Claims
125 Recommended Reading: Residence Options for Older and Disabled Clients review by David Godfrey and The Home Visitor Manual: An Advocates Guide for Helping Homebound Elderly review by Jamie Philpotts
12 Links to State-Specific Advance Directive Forms by Amy Gioletti
130 Web Site Helps Consumers Choose Best Health Insurance Options by Leslie Fried
131 AoA Awards Grants for Model Approaches Statewide Assistance Systems and Pension Rights Projects by Shoshanna Ehrlich

BIFOCAL 31 (5) June 2010

101 Guardianship in Israeli Law—Need for Revisions by Carmit Shay
102 Virginia Elder Rights Coalition Renames Award in Honor of Erica F. Wood by Jamie Philpotts
103 ABA Commission Welcomes Summer 2010 Interns
103 Employment Opportunity at the ABA Commission
108 Recommended Reading:Passages in Caregiving: Turning Chaos into Confidence by Gail Sheehy, review by David Godfrey
109 List of Adult Guardianship Education and Training Videos, DVDs, and Movies by Danielle Valdenaire
111 New! Special ABA Dues Rates for Legal Aid Attorneys, Gov't Attorneys, Solo Practitioners, and More
112 Save the Date: National Aging and Law Conference—Dec. 9-11, 2010. Alexandria, Virginia

BIFOCAL 31 (4) April 2010

71 A Decade of Partnerships in Law and Aging: A Retrospective of the Innovative Grant Program Aimed at Increasing Awareness and Access to Legal Services for Older Persons by Jamie Philpotts
71 Comments Sought on Proposal Requiring Banks to Protect from Garnishment Social Security and Other Federal Retirement Income by David Godfrey
73 Elder Justice Act Becomes Law, But Victory Is Only Partial by Lori A. Stiegel
76 Partnerships Legacies Continue Helping Elders Today by David Godfrey
83 The Brooke Astor Case: “An Appalling Set Of Circumstances” (Part 3 of an Interview with Alex Forger conducted by Lori Stiegel
83 Can the Development of Elder Law in the U.S. Work As a Model for the Israeli System? by Carmit Shay
82-84  Recommended Reading: Everyday Law for Seniors, review by Jamie Philpotts and Public Guardianship: In the Best Interests of Incapacitated People?

BIFOCAL 31 (3) February 2010

51 Advocacy Victory for People with Younger-Onset Alzheimer's Disease Results in Expedited Benefits by Leslie Fried
53 Access Express/Resputos Rapidos Brings Knowledge of Legal Issues to Remote Elders and Lawyers Who Serve Them by Janay Haas and Robert Mead
55  More Help Is Needed for Persons with Cognitive and Other Brain Impairments Who Want to Vote by Ellen Klem
59 Commission Welcomes Law Intern from Israel   
60 The Brooke Astor Case: “An Appalling Set of Circumstances” (Part 2 of an Interview with Alex Forger by Lori Stiegel
64 Borchard Center on Law and Aging Announces Fellowship 
67 Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders Is Awarded Grant to Establish 
69 New Article Appraises of Elder Law Education


BIFOCAL 31 (2) December 2009


23 State Advance Directive Registries: A Survey and Assessment by Allison Hughes
24 In Memory of F. William McCalpin, chair of the ABA Commission on Law and Aging (1996 - 2002)
25 Delaware State Bar Honors Members Who Served, Launches Pro Bono Program to Assist Veterans by David Godfrey
26 To Help Veterans with Claims, Lawyers Must Be Accredited: Learn How by David Godfrey
27 The Brooke Astor Case: “An Appalling Set of Circumstances” (Part 1 of an Interview by Lori Stiegel with Alex Forger)
28 Join the National Health Care Decisions Day Initiative April 16!
29 New Resource! Legal Guide for the Seriously Ill Helps People Understand Financial and Legal Options at the End of Life
30 Short Attention-span Theater: Training Tips for Webinar Presenters by David Godfrey
31 ABA Commission Welcomes International Law Intern
32 Communicating with Lawyers by David Godfrey
31 ABA Commission Welcomes International Law Intern
32 Communicating with Lawyers by David Godfrey
33 Harvard School of Medicine Publishes Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Will
34 AOA and National Legal Resource Center Partners Launch Web Site by Omar Valverde
39 New Resource! Comprehensive Chart Features Links to State-specific Advance Directive Forms by Danielle Valdenaire
39 Advance Care Planning in Health Reform (Formerly Misrepresented As “Death Panels”) by Charlie Sabatino


BIFOCAL 31 (1) October 2009


1 New Doughnut Hole Calculator Steers Part D Enrollees to Less Expensive Medications by Sally Hurme, J.D., and Jane Lincoln, MSW
1 Failing to Report and False Reporting of Elder Abuse: Penalties Under State Adult Protective Services Laws by Laura Remick
17 Tips for Providing Services on American Indian Reservations: An Individual Approach Works Best by Alex Ward
20 Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and the SSDI Process: "Passage of Time is Not Your Friend"  by Leslie Fried, J.D.
14 Administration on Aging Awards $1.1 Million to States to Help Older Americans Access Legal Services
15 Pennsylvania SeniorLAW HelpLine Expands Reach Through Electronic Newsletter by Sue Wasserkrug, J.D.
3 ABA Commission on Law and Aging Welcomes Six Distinguished New Members, Liaison
9 Coverage of Brooke Astor Case Draws Ink, Ire of ABA Commission Senior Attorney
11 Important Notice on Social Security Class Action
11 ABA Commission Updates Chart on States’ Emeritus Pro Bono Practice Rules
14 Book Review: Nasty, Brutish & Long: Adventures in Old Age and the World of Eldercare
16 ABA Commission Announces Summer 2010 Law and Aging Legal Internship Opportunities
22 New Presentation Template: Why States Should Enact the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act (UAGPPJA)


BIFOCAL 30 (6) July 2009


83 A Letter from the Chair of the ABA Commission on Law and Aging by Joe O’Connor
83 Reflections on the Origins of the Commission on Law and Aging by Daniel L. Skoler
85 A Letter from the President of the American Bar Association by H. Thomas Wells Jr.
91 Remembrances of ABA Commission Members on the Cutting Edge by Nancy Coleman and Erica Wood
105 A Peek into the Future of Elder Law: 2009 - 2039? by Charles P. Sabatino
110 List of Distinguished Members of the ABA Commission on Law and Aging
111 A Quiz on Elder Law and Policy
112 New Resources on Elder Abuse and Guardianship, and a CLE Podcast Series for Elder Law Attorneys
Then and Now (1979-2009) Charts on: Medicare Part B (86); Elder Law (88); Health Care Decision-making (90); Private Pay Rates for Nursing Home Stays (98); Guardianship (102); Supplemental Security Income (107)


BIFOCAL 30 (5) June 2009


69 Uniform Guardianship Jurisdiction: Where Do We Stand? by Erica Wood
70 Making Medical Decisions for Someone Else (new consumer resource)
71 Training the Gatekeeper by David Godfrey
72 Join Us in Celebrating the ABA Commission’s 30th Year!
73 ABA Commission Welcomes Summer Interns
74 ABA Commission Joins National Legal Resource Center
75 Aid and Attendance Program Helps Veterans with Long-Term Care Costs by Lindsay Knowles
76 SAGE Helps Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, and Transgender Older People Find Answers, Connect with Experts Online by David Rubio
77 How to Provide More Effective Outreach to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Seniors by Keith L. Morris
79 Complimentary CLE via podcasts from National Aging and Law Conference
81 Litigating the Nursing Home Case book review by David Godfrey


BIFOCAL 30 (4) April 2009

55 Most Retiree Social Security Beneficiaries to Receive Payment by David Godfrey
55 North Dakota Adopts Emeritus Pro Bono Practice Rule
58 CLE Podcasts from 2008 National Aging and Law Conference Now Available!
59 Financial Fraud Likely to Increase in 2009 by David Godfrey
60 Help Is on the Way: Senior Legal Hotlines Respond to Elder Abuse by Eleanor Crosby Lanier
62 State Elder Bar Round-up: Washington, New York, and New Mexico
64 Webinar — Reading Between the Lines: Basic Financial Issue Spotting (April 15)
65 Call for Nominations for National Family Caregiving Awards
66 Join the National Healthcare Decisions Day Initiative on April 16!
67 Borchard Foundation Center on Law & Aging Invites Applications for Fellowships


BIFOCAL 30(3) February 2009


35 Nine Ways to Reduce Elder Abuse Through Enactment of the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act  by (Lori A. Stiegel and Erica F. Wood)
36 ABA Commission Awards Funding for Veterans Advocacy Pro Bono Projects by (David Godfrey)
41 ABA Adopts Policy Recommendations on Guardianship, Nursing Home Arbitration by (Jamie Philpotts)
46 National Health Care Decisions Day Is April 16 (Why Not Plan a Health Care Decisions Day for Your Elder Law Section’s or Committee’s Law Day Activity?)
42 AoA Recognizes Legal Assistance Programs for Helping Seniors Keep Their Homes  by (Omar Valverde)
44 Using the Fair Housing Act to Defend Against Discriminatory Discharges, Transfers in Assisted Living and Long-Term Care Facilities by (Holly Robinson)
47 State CCRC Laws: Addressing Discrimination on the Basis of Disability by (Rachel Ney)
54 Borchard Foundation Invites Applications for 2009-10 Fellowships


BIFOCAL 30 (2) December 2008

21 David M. Godfrey Joins Staff of ABA Commission on Law and Aging
19 Law and Aging Advocates Convene at NALC, Set New Advocacy Agendas by Jamie Philpotts
19 New Research Report: Protecting Against Power of Attorney Abuse
20 ABA Commission Seeking Multi-State Guardianship Cases by Erica Wood
24 ABA Commission, Borchard Foundation Suspend Partnerships in Law and Aging Program for 2009 by Charlie Sabatino
26 ABA Promotes Access to Voting for Persons with Cognitive and Other Brain Impairments by Ellen Klem
28 Legislative Analysis: Emergency Guardianship Statutes Since Grant v. Johnson by Angela Gandy
34 Spanish Health and Financial Decisions Brochure and Video

BIFOCAL 30 (1) October 2008

1 ABA Commission Launches Educational Campaign on Multi-State Guardianship Cases, Calls for Stories by Erica Wood
2 Two New Durable Power of Attorney Abuse Fact Sheets by Lori Stiegel
3 Honoring Final Wishes: ABA Commission Chair O’Connor Testifies at Senate Hearing on Advance Directives by Jamie Philpotts
5 ABA Commission Awarded AoA National Legal Resource Center Grant by Jamie Philpotts
New Commissioners for 2008-09
7 LOTSA Training Tips for Reaching Rural and Under-Resourced Legal Services Providers by Vivian Chen
9 Guardianship and Surrogate Decision-making in France: Additional Flexibility and Protections by Audrey Mercat
14 Funding Opportunities: Veterans Advocacy Pro Bono Project and Emeritus Attorney Indigent Guardianship Project by Holly Robinson
18 Poem: Boxes of Grief by Sarah Shena

BIFOCAL 29 (6) August 2008

65 Senior Homeowners Benefit from New Housing Bill by Holly Robinson
66 New and Updated Resources on Elder Abuse by Ellen VanCleave Klem
67 ABA Commission Assessed As “Highly Valued and Effective National Legal Resource
68 Accommodating Cognitive Impairments in Voting: Shaping Clinically and Ethically Sound Institional and Public Policy by Ellen VanCleave Klem, Lori Stiegel, and Charles P. Sabatino
69 Still Here: Barriers to Voting Facing Residents of Nursing Homes and Long-term Care Facilities by Carolyn Mounce
72 ABA Commission Initiates Two Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Projects by Holly Robinson
73 New Illinois Supreme Court Rule permits Retired, Inactive and Corporate Attorneys to Perform Pro Bono Work by Dina R. Merrell
73 Nevada Adopts Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Rules
74 ABA Commission Announces 2008 Coleman Summer Intern and Borchard Foundation Summer Intern
77 Urban Outfitters in Nursing Homes by Gene Coffey
81 Partnerships in Law and Aging 2008 Program Awardees by Holly Robinson

BIFOCAL 29 (5) June 2008

51 Ethical Issues to Consider When Providing Legal Services to Older Clients (Webinar)
52 Charts on Mandatory (and Voluntary) Reporting to Adult Protective Services by Lori Stiegel
52 Health Decisions Legislative Updates by Erica Wood
53 Survey Tool Aims to Improve Communication Between Aging and Disability Partners by Sarah Lash
53 In Celebration of Law Day, Virginia Launches Project 2025 Web Site by Jamie Philpotts
54 Complimentary CLE Programs from 2007 NALC Conference by Holly Robinson
54 New Index More Accurately Reflects Costs Faced by Older Adults by Jamie Philpotts
55 Voting by Older Adults with Cognitive Impairments  by Jason Karlawish, M.D.
58 Moving Quickly (Poem) by Ron Talney
59 Things Bioethics Committee Participation Has Taught Us About Practicing Elder Law by Edward W. Long
61 Awards Honor Older Volunteers, Promote Volunteering by Jamie Philpotts
62 Using Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Programs to Meet Unmet Civil Legal Needs by Holly Robinson

BIFOCAL 29 (4) March 2008

45 Using Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Programs to Meet Unmet Civil Legal Needs by Holly Robinson
49 National Healthcare Decisions Day Set for April 16, 2008 45 Facilitating Voting As People Age Issue of McGeorge Law Review by Charlie Sabatino
49 Do Not Go Gently: The Power of Imagination in Aging (Film Review) by Ellen M. Klem
50 Web Sites Offer Help to Seniors Applying for Economic Stimulus Plan Payments by Holly Robinson

BIFOCAL 29 (3) February 2008

35 Team Approach to Guardianship Preserves Independence of Ward, Generates Savings for State by Jean Callahan and Andrea Snelson
39 Legal Services Program Tackles Senior Debt by Dolores Schaefer
40 Economic Stimulus Bill Includes Disregard of Refund As Income or Resources by Holly Robinson
41 Public Guardianship After 25 Years: In the Best Interest of Incapacitated People? by Pamela B. Teaster, Erica F. Wood, Winsor C. Schmidt, Jr., and Susan A. Lawrence
42 Kentucky Assesses Legal Needs of Seniors


BIFOCAL 29 (2) December 2007

21 A Patient’s Right to Direct Own Health Care vs. a Physician’s Right to Decline to Provide Treatment by Monica Sethi
23 NCCUSL Tackles Transfer on Death Deed Legislation by Ellen M. Klem
25 Volunteer Guardianship Monitoring Programs: A Win-Win Solution by Ellen M. Klem
26 ABA Commission, AARP Release Report on Promising Practices for Court Guardianship Monitoring Programs by Naomi Karp
26 Dancing with Rose: Finding Life in the Land of Alzheimer’s, Book Review by Holly Robinson
29 South Dakota Adopts Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Rule by Holly Robinson
29 Tips for Making Your Printed Health Materials Senior-Friendly by Jamie Philpotts

BIFOCAL 29 (1) November 2007

1 Survey of Assisted Living Facility Laws’ Incorporation of Provisions of the Fair Housing Act by Matthew Bernt
1 Alaska, Mississippi Adopt Emeritus Pro Bono Attorney Rules by Holly Robinson
2 ABA Sponsors Mock Social Security Disability Hearing at the U.S. Capitol
3 New Commissioners for 2007 by Jamie Philpotts
5 Checklist for Creating an Emeritus Pro Bono Program by Holly Robinson
7 Nature Walk (Poem) by  Jared Wilson and Victoria Babish
19 Deanna Clingan Fisher Wins NALC Award
20 ABA Shows Solidarity with Pakistani Lawyers

BIFOCAL 28 (6) August 2007

85 Developing Ethical Standards for Elder Mediation by Kathryn Mariani
92 ABA Commission Welcomes Law Student from France (Jamie Philpotts)91 ABA Adopts Voting Rights and Cognitive Impairment Policy by Jamie Philpotts
93 Creative Ways to Include and Nurture Volunteer Attorneys in Your Elder Law Practice by Ellie Crosby Lanier
95 Three More States Pass Emeritus Pro Bono Attorney Rules, Bills by Holly Robinson
97 Changes Urged to Guard Against Representative Payee Abuse of Social Security Benefits by Jamie Philpotts
99 Elder Abuse Detection and Intervention: A Collaborative Approach (Book Review) by Robert Mead
101 Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for End of Life in Assisted Living, Nursing Homes by Jamie Philpotts

BIFOCAL 28 (5) June 2007

71 New Hampshire and North Dakota Offer Practical Tips to Help States Adapt Health Care Proxy Handbook by Jamie Philpotts
75 Briefing on First Nat’l Symposium on Ethical Standards for Elder Mediation by Kathryn Mariani
76 2007 Partnerships in Law and Aging Program Awards by Holly Robinson
77 N.C. Bill Would Allow Inactive Attorneys to Lend a Hand to Legal Services Groups by Michael Dayton
79 In Remembrance of Joan O’Sullivan
81 Attributes of a Good Hotline Advocate by Shoshanna Ehrlich and Cheryl Nolan
80 He’s a Poet? (Poem) (Paul Homer)

BIFOCAL 28 (4) April 2007

53 Survey of States’ Health Care Decision-Making Standards by Abigail Petersen
53 Protections in Medicaid Estate Recovery: Findings, Promising Practices, and Model Notices by Erica Wood and Ellen VanCleave Klem
55 Facilitating Voting As People Age: Implications of Cognitive Impairment by Charlie Sabatino
58 Steal This Book! Adapt the Health Care Proxy Guide for Your State—We’ll Help! (Charlie Sabatino)
58 State Emeritus Attorney Pro Bono Rules Gain Momentum (Holly Robinson)
56 Pro Bono—A Win-Win Endeavor (Lynne Lloyd)
59 The Fabric of Life (Poem) (Greg Chaimov


BIFOCAL 28 (2) December 2006

19 Model Approaches to Statewide Legal Assistance Systems by Holly Robinson
19 The State of Veterans' Fiduciary Programs: What Is Needed to Protect Our Nation’s Incapacitated Veterans? by Nisha Thakker
22 Profile of Nebraska State Bar’s Elder Law Section by Lynne Timmerman Fees
22 Elder Law Clinic Replication Manual Available by Betsy Abramson
24 Elder Abuse Detection and Intervention: A Collaborative Approach (Book Review)
28 The Eulogy (Poem) by Timothy J. Nolan
31 Developing Legal Assistance Programs for Older Adults by Sally Crawford Ramm

BIFOCAL 28 (1) October 2006

1 Stopping the Eviction When Seniors Experience Housing Discrimination by Kerstin Arusha
1 ABA President Calls for Second Season of Service After Retirement
4 ABA Commissioners for 2006
7 Ideals and High Heels: A Look at Wake Forest University’s Elder Law Clinic by Kate Mewhiney
11 Interview with Kevin B. Rack, Chair, Virginia Bar Association’s Elder Law Section
14 ABA Legal Guide for Americans Over 50 (Book Review by Ellen VanCleave Klem)
14 Elder Abuse Detection and Intervention (Book Review)
15 Poems by Sophie Memon
17 Bring Elder Mediation to Your State by Kathryn Mariani

BIFOCAL 27 (6) August 2006

75 Legislative Interest in Transfer on Death Deeds Continues to Grow by Nathaniel Sterling
77 National Survey of Guardianship Monitoring Practices Shows Courts Lack Verification of Appropriate Care by Naomi Karp and Erica Wood
80 Wisconsin Passes Major Guardianship Reform (Betsy Ambramson)
82 Why We Work at Legal Aid (Poem) (Ellen Mendoza)
82 The Parallels Between Undue Influence, Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Sexual Assault (Book Review)
83 A Summer Internship at the Commission by Abigail Petersen

BIFOCAL 27 (5) June 2006

63 2006-2007 Partnerships in Law and Aging Program Awards by Stephanie Eldelstein
63 What Every Judge Needs to Know About Capacity Assessment in Guardianship Proceedings by Charles P. Sabatino
65 New Guide Helps Adults Faced with Making Medical Decisions for Someone Else by Charles P. Sabatino
66 Reports Describe Medicaid Eligibility, Managed Long-term Care for People with Dementia by Leslie Fried
66 Reauthorization of Older Americans Act
66 White House Conference on Aging Final Report
70 When a Lawyer Dies by Peter Geraghty

BIFOCAL 27(4) April 2006

51 Exploring Medical Decision-making for Incapacitated and Unbefriended Older Persons in San Francisco by Amy Rassen
51 Oklahoma AG's Legal Opinion Eliminates Restrictions on Refusals of Nutrition and Hydration by Charles P. Sabatino
53 Two Guides to Help Md. Adults Acting As Health Care Proxy by Charles P. Sabatino
53 Brochure to Help Attorneys Effectively Serve Their Pro Bono Clients
54 Practical Presentations for Elder Law Day by Jamie Philpotts
55 Charles P. Sabatino Honored with Theresa Award
55 Nancy Coleman “Advocacy in Aging Lecture” Series Established

BIFOCAL 27(3) February 2006

39 Medicare Part D: A Crash Course for Practitioners (Webcast)
39 Fair Lending Outreach to Elders Project in Santa Clara County by Kerstin Arusha
44 Top 10 Resolutions from White House Conference on Aging
46 Practical Presentations for Elder Law Day by Jamie Philpotts
47 Free Tool to Help Beneficiaries Choose Medicare Rx Coverage by Leslie B. Fried
48 2005 Annual Adult Guardianship State Legislative Update by Erica Wood


BIFOCAL 27 (2) December 2005

21 Legal Trends in End-of-Life Health Care Decision-Making by Erin B. Furlong
21 Marriage Rights Initiative for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Elders by Betsey Crimmins and Deborah Filler
25 Report Urges Paradigm Shift in Approach to Dying by Jamie Philpotts
31 Serving Elders of Diverse Lifestyles by Jamie Philpotts
33 Resources: Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples
34 Elder Abuse Fatality Review Teams: A Replication Manual by Lori Stiegel
35 Multilingual Hotlines Help Non-English Speaking Elders with Medicare Part D Enrollment by Jamie Philpotts

BIFOCAL 27 (1) October 2005

1 Survey of State Guardianship Laws: Statutory Provisions for Clinical Evaluations by Michael Mayhew
3 New Commissioners for 2005-06 by Jamie Philpotts
6 In Memory of Richard B. Allen
7 Resident Rights in Assisted Living: Sources and Resources by Stephanie Edelstein

BIFOCAL 26 (4) Summer 2005

34 A Replication Manual for Elder Abuse Fatality Review Teams by Lori Stiegel
35 Partnerships in Law and Aging Program Awards by Stephanie Eldelstein
36 Mediating Disputes in Long-term Care by Janice Barrocas and Diane Persson
38 Six More Mediation Projects by Erica Wood
40 National Study of Public Guardianship by Erica Wood

BIFOCAL 26 (3) Spring 2005

25 Promoting Pro Bono Service of Low-Income Elders Through Creative Linkages by Karen C. Buck
25 Assessment of Older Adults with Diminished Capacity (New Book) by Charles P. Sabatino
27 Director Nancy Coleman Leaves ABA Commission, Tribute by Esther F. Lardent
29 Twenty-Five Years, and Counting, of Advocacy for Elders by Nancy Coleman
31 State Elder Bar Updates by Jamie Philpotts

BIFOCAL 26 (2) Winter 2005

17 Innovative Model Represents Future of Pro Bono Legal Services by Elaine Harrison
17 Building Community Partnerships to Prevent Predatory Lending by Mary Twomey
19 Partnerships in Law and Aging Offers Two Separate Funding Opportunities by Stephanie Eldelstein
22 Mini-conference on Legal Services Recommends Increased Availability, Specialized Training
24 Assessment of Older Adults with Diminished Capacity (Book Preview) by Charles P. Sabatino


BIFOCAL 26 (1) Fall 2004

1   Voting by Residents of Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities: State Law Accommodations by Amy Smith and Charles P. Sabatino
1   Guardianship and Voting Rights by Kyle Sammin and Sally Balch Hurme
3   ABA Commission Welcomes Three Distinguished New Members by Jamie Philpotts
10   Profile of the Alaska Bar Association by Kenneth Kirk
16   Mini-Conference on Legal Services to Be Held in Preparation for 2005 White House Conference in Aging by Nancy Coleman

 BIFOCAL 25 (4) Summer 2004 

1  State Bar Emeritus Rules Encourage Pro Bono by Stephanie Edelstein
1  Government Girls of World War II: Then and Now by Jamie Philpotts
4 ABA Report Addresses Liability Issues in Consumer- Directed Personal Assistance Services by Sandra L. Hughes
4  Medicare Fact Sheets Explain Prescription Drug Discount Card, Savings Programs by Leslie B. Fried
5  Elder Law Section of the Alabama State Bar by Jo Alison Taylor
6  Project Examines Theory of Cumulative Disadvantage Among “Government Girls” of 1940s by Pamela Teaster
8  Senate Hearing Focuses on Guardian Monitoring and Accountability by Jamie Philpotts  

BIFOCAL 25 (3) Spring 2004

Wyoming Creates Statewide Emergency Guardianship Response by Janet E.Millard
1  Developing a Consumer Handbook for Guardians of Nursing Home Residents  by John J. Ford
3  Hawaii’s Elder Law Section Celebrates Ten Years by Naomi Fujimoto
8  Partnerships Program Awards Mini-Grants by Stephanie Edelstein
9  Brochure Helps Family Members Understand the Relationship Between Lawyer and Elderly Client by Charles P. Sabatino
10  N.C. Initiates Pro Bono Adoption Program by Lynne E. Berry
11  Good Guardianship: Building Court and Agency Network Partnerships by Erica Wood

BIFOCAL 25 (2) Winter 2004

Advocacy in a Post-HIPAA World by Hilary Sohmer Dalin
1  Caregiver Legal Assistance Network by M. Stacey Hawver Commission Studies State Public Guardianship Programs by Erica Wood
3  Project to Examine Medicaid Estate Recovery Programs by Naomi Karp
14  Our Failure to Care for Individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and Behavioral Complications by Leslie B. Fried


BIFOCAL 25 (1) Fall 2003

1  Report Urges Laws and Practices to Address Problems of Elderly Patients by Naomi Karp
1  Incapable of Making Health Care Decisions; De-Balkanizing State Advance Directive Law by Charles P. Sabatino
3  New Commissioners for 2003-04
10  Brochure and Video Help Spanish Speaking Elders Understand Legal Tools for Health and Financial Decision-making 

BIFOCAL 24(4) Summer 2003

 Legal Issues Related to Bank Reporting of Suspected Elder Financial Abuse by Sandra L. Hughes
1  Health Care Decision-Making: A Guardian’s Authority by Sarah B. Richardson
11  Commission Welcomes Summer Interns by Jamie Philpotts
14  Winners of the 2003 Law and Aging Student Essay Competition by Jamie Philpotts
14  GrandDriver Program Steers Public Awareness to Aging’s Effects on Driving by Jamie Philpotts 
14  Maryland Elder Law Section Wines Best Project award by Jamie Philpotts 
15  California Publishes Consumer Legal Guide for Seniors by Jamie Philpotts

BIFOCAL 24(3) Spring 2003

1  (Re)Training Native American Elders to Be Mediators by John Duffy and Ralph D. Hutchinson 
3  Reaching Out to Homebound Elderly by Carrie Wetzel
5  2003-04 Partnerships in Law and Aging Program Grants Awarded by Stephanie Edelstein
1  Elder Justice Act Reintroduced by Lori A. Stiegel
6  Elder Abuse Fatality Review Team Demonstration Sites Selected by Lori A. Stiegel
7  Senate Hearing Raises Awareness of Adult Guardianship Issues by Jamie Philpotts
7  Long-Goodbye: The Deaths of Nancy Cruzan (Book Review) by Charles P. Sabatino

BIFOCAL 24 (2) Winter 2003

1  Reforming Durable Power of Attorney Statutes to Combat Financial Exploitation of the Elderly by Julia C. Calvo
1  Interview with Natalie K. Thomas  
3  The Impact of Electronic Benefits Transfer Programs on Elderly Benefits Recipients by Amy Marshall Mix
11  Articles and Books from the ABA Commission on Law and Aging
14  Bifocal Readers Satisfaction Survey 
16  Report on Dying in American Finds End of Life Care Lacking by Jamie Philpotts


BIFOCAL 24(1) Fall 2002

1  Harlem Project Combines Legal, Psychiatric Services by Ray Brescia
1  Senior Nutrition Program Adds Legal Issues to Menu for Latino Elders by Angie King 
3  New Commissioners for 2002-03 
5  Shape the Debate for Seniors by Richard Ingham
11  Bifocal Readers Satisfaction Survey  

BIFOCAL 23(4) Summer 2002  

1  Financial Abuse of the Elderly: Risk Factors, Screening Techniques, and Remedies by Lori A. Stiegel
5  Profile of the Elder Law Section of the Florida Bar by Lauchlin Tench Waldoch
12  Elder Law Experts Convene to Draft Recommendations on Guardianship, Medicare, and Discuss Elder Rights by Erica F. Wood
13  Recommendations for a Coordinated Care Benefit in the Traditional Medicare Program by Judith A. Stein
14  Statewide Virginia Elder Rights Conference: Coming of Age by Erica F. Wood  

BIFOCAL 23(3) Spring 2002

1  Preserving Homeownership Among Low-income, Elderly Landlords by Mary M. Connolly
1  Commission Initiates Project on Health Care Decision-Making for the “Unbefriended” Elderly by Naomi Karp
3  Profile of the Elder Law Section of the Washington State Bar Association by Barbara A. West
5  ELVIS Citing: 2002 Partnerships in Law and Aging Program Grants Awarded by Stephanie Edelstein
6  Theory Collides with Practice in Developing An Elder Mediation Project by Virginia Marcantel
11  Lifelines: Living Longer, Growing Frail, Taking

BIFOCAL 23 (2) Winter 2002

1 Alzheimer’s Disease and the Role of State Law by Jack Schwartz
1 Partnering with Local Bar Improves Hotline Services to the Elderly by Ralph D. Hutchinson
3 Profiles of Vermont’s Elder Law Committee by Brian Sawyer
5 Recruiting Retired Lawyers for Senior Mediations by Laurie Hanson
6 In Their Own Language and Community: Providing Legal Services for Latino Elders by Karen C. Buck
9 Medicare Handbook (Book Review) by Daniel G. Fish
9 Needs of the Elderly Committee of the Utah State Bar by TantaLisa Clayton
9 Dictionary of Eldercare Terminology, Second Edition (Book Review) by Jamie Philpotts
10 Aging and the Law: A Comparison Between French and American Law by Marie Mercat-Bruns
11 Medicare Takes Steps to Eliminate Discrimination of Alzheimer’s Patients by Leslie B. Fried


BIFOCAL 23 (1) Fall 2001

1   Assisted Living: Federal and State Options for Affordability, Quality of Care, and Consumer Protection by Sue Seely
3   New Commission Appointees Bring Subjectivity, Focus, Experience
5  Policy Development and Training for Small-Home Providers by Susan Dishler Shubin
17   Commission Recommends Regulation, Accreditation, and Access in Assisted Living

BIFOCAL 22 (4) Summer 2001

1  Assessing Clients with Diminished Capacity by Charles P. Sabatino
3  Profile of Elder Law Section of the Illinois State Bar Association by Lee Beneze
10  Model for Reform: Oklahoma Law Establishes, Defines Role of Legal Services Developer by Richard Ingham

BIFOCAL 22 (3) Spring 2001  

1  Internet Resources, Tribal Courts, and Psychiatric Geriatric Program Among Focus of 2001 Law and Aging Partnerships by Jamie Philpotts
6  Olmstead: Catalyst to Expand Services for Elderly by Leslie B. Fried
7  Reauthorization of the Older Americans Act by Stephanie Edelstein
11  Another Country: Navigating the emotional Terrain of Our Elders (Book Review) by Rebecca C. Morgan

BIFOCAL 22(2) Winter 2001

1   Coordinating the Efforts of Courts and SSA’s Representative Payment Program by Daniel L. Skoler
3  End of Life Care Legislative Highlights by Charles P. Sabatino
5  Reinventing Insurance Regulation for the Benefit of the Benefit of Consumers- A Time For Change by Robert Hunter

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