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About the Commission on Law and Aging

The Commission consists of a body of experts in aging and law, including lawyers, judges, health and social services professionals, academics, and advocates. With its professional staff, the Commission examines a wide range of law-related issues. View the Commission leadership below.


The mission of the Commission on Law and Aging is to educate and advocate to protect the rights and dignity of adults as they age. The vision of the ABA Commission on Law and aging is a society where the rights of every adult as they age are acknowledged, respected, and protected. Our research has resulted in several resources for professionals and consumers.

2023-2024 Commissioners

  • Robyn S. Shapiro, Chair

    Mequon, WI

  • Jim Carr

    Littleton, CO

  • Eric Drogin

    Hingham, MA

  • John Joseph Ford

    Quincy, MA

  • Sandra D. Glazier

    Bloomfield Hills, MI

  • Ronald Long

    St. Louis, MO

  • Dr. Jacobo Mintzer

    Charleston, SC

  • Camilla Oakley McRory

    Rockville, MD

  • Selena E Molina

    Wilmington, DE

  • Kyle Page

    Hines, IL

  • Michael Haywood Reed

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Jill Sauber

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Hon. Jerry Simoneux, Jr.

    Houston, Texas

  • Pamela Teaster

    Blacksburg, VW

  • Jennifer Lynn Vanderveen

    South Bend, IN