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16th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Workplace Problems and Solutions Track

Contingent Worker Discrimination Analysis Following the Diaz Verdict
Eric L. Barnum, Tonya Holt, and Lawrence A. Organ

The Future of Restrictive Covenants and Employee Mobility
Sarai King, Gray I. Mateo-Harris, Sandra Pullman and Anne B. Shaver

Leveraging Diversity Audits to Build a Better Workforce
Latoya Asia, T. Scott Kelly, Victoria Lipnic, Sam Wheeler and Jenny R. Yang


Managing Leaves: There is Just No Way around this Complex and Evolving Issue

Mental Health Issues and the Impact on Workplace Issues and the Profession
Kathleen Phair Barnard, Denise M. Clark, Shawn Healy, Ph.D., Denise Murphy and Sonya Richburg

New Developments in Pay Equity
Monica Bhattacharya, Maritza Gomez, Heather Morgan and Jessica Stender

The Post-COVID-19 Workforce and Reconciling Caregiver Responsibilities
Robert L. Duston, Jennifer Liu, Alfred Gordon O’Connell, Maranda Rosenthal and Lisa Schnall