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16th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Wage and Hour Track

FLSA Case Law Roundup
Rachel Goldberg, Rachhana Srey and R. Nelson Williams

Judicial Review of FLSA Settlements
Hon. Joshua D. Wolson, Amber Cox and Chauniqua Young

Practical Tips for Participating in a Wage and Hour Investigation
Kathleen McLeod Caminiti, Michele R. Fisher, Jocelyn Jones, Nicole A. Ramsdell and Samantha Thomas

Sub-Regulatory Guidance under the FLSA
Paul DeCamp, Elena Goldstein and Jason C. Marsili

Tracking Time: Recordkeeping under the FLSA
Reena Desai, Yingtao Ho, Jessica Looman, Teddra Porteous and Eric Su

What to Know about State Wage and Hour Claims
Shannon Liss-Riordan, Hope Pordy and Adriana S. Kosovych