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16th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Litigation and Class Action Track

Class Action Settlements
Hon. Indira Talwani, James M. Finberg, Vanessa Houston and Martine Wells

Employment Rights Litigation in a Unionized Workplace
William A. “Zan” Blue, Jr., Catherine Mitrano, David Muraskin, Kyle E. Simmons and David M. Slutsky

Identifying and Effectively Using Experts to Support or Defend Your Case
Hon. Waverly D. Crenshaw, Jr., Ethan Cohen, Laura Ho, Jeffrey S. Swyers and Eric Akira Tate

Practical Hints for Dealing with Electronically Stored Information in Discovery
Lisa D. Johnson, Joe P. Leniski, Jr., Tobias Spruill, Daniel Stromberg and John Wilson

Recent Developments in Class Action Discrimination Cases
Hon. Jane Branstetter Stranch,  Harini Srinivasan and Carson Sullivan

Strategic Considerations for Remote Proceedings in Labor and Employment Cases
Amber Fox, James Kan, Jason Veny and Lindsey White

Strategies for Using Workplace Investigations and Audits in Employment Litigation
Sarah Burke, Matt Clash-Drexler, Barbara L. Johnson, and Michelle Lamy

Tips for Using Discovery Plans to Ensure Success in Settlements, Dispositive Motions and Trials (FUNDAMENTALS)
Yolanda Brock, Zöe DeGeer, Sasha Gillin and Lindsey C. Jackson