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15th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Track

Beyond Basic DEI Training: How to Do More than Check the Box
Faisal Akhter, Dora V. Chen, Stacy Hawkins, Kimya Johnson and Melissa Pierre-Louis Washington

Beyond Compliance: What Are the Interests Competing with DEI Compliance and Initiatives—and Can They Co-Exist? 
Tremelle Howard, Jo Linda Johnson, Punam Singh-Rogers, Jamillah Bowman Williams and Melissa S. Woods

Covering and Code Switching 
James Céspedes, Jenevieve Frank, Samantha C. Grant, Jennifer Rubin, Nigar Shaikh and Brenda Suttonwills

Ensuring Accessibility in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Chai Feldblum, Cynthia E. Nance, Michael Nuñez, Gwendolyn Young Reams and Joseph K. West

The Impact of the Pandemic and Remote Workplace on Diversity in the Legal Profession
Rachana Desai Martin, Monica Guizar, Jolena Jeffrey, Alfredo Sergio and Bert H. Ware