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16th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Track

COVID-19 and the ADA: Where Do We Go from Here?
Jillian Cutler, Joyce Walker Jones, Ryan Leach, Nikki Pollard and Tony W. Torain III

Developments in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Protections under Title VII
Hon. John A. Henderson, Shannon Minter, Nonnie Shivers and Marley Weiss


Five Years of #MeToo
Lisa J. Banks, Jeff Brodin, Eve Cervantez, Janette Ekanem and Diane I. Smason


Retaliation Survey
Lori L. Deem, Barbara Dunlap, Darryl Edwards, Esther G. Lander and Micah Wissinger

Shareholder Derivative Actions Challenging Diversity: Shareholders Sharing More than Just Concerns 

Trauma-Informed Lawyering in Discrimination and Harassment Cases
Stacey A. Campbell, Hon. Stephanie M. Jones, Bridgette Stumpf, Gillian Thomas and Sheree Wright


Using Artificial Intelligence in Hiring and Recruiting: The Future is Here
Toni Michelle Jackson, Sania W. Khan, George L. Washington, Jr., Christine Webber and Damien Patrick Williams