February 13, 2020

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Wage and Hour

Calculating Overtime Damages in Wage and Hour Cases

Calculating Unpaid Overtime Wages and Other Damages--The Simple (and Not-So-Simple) Math

Compensable Time

Will New Technology Bring About a New Generation of Compensable Time Cases?
Jennifer Keating

What Is "Compensable Time?"
Ellen C. Kearns

Compensable Time Slides
James Kan, Ellen Kearns and Jennifer Keating

Litigating/Arbitrating Wage and Hour Cases

Plaintiff's Perspective: Trends in Court Denial of Motions to Approve FLSA Settlements
Michele R. Fisher

Moving Forward from the Fissured Workplace

Current Implications of the Fissured Workplace: A Compendium of Significant Litigation and NLRB Developments
Aaron Kauffman

Strategic Enforcement in the Fissured Workplace
Dr. David Weil

New White Collar Exemption Regulations: Then and Now

A Plaintiffs’ Lawyer’s Perspective on the Updated White-Collar Exemption
Eve H. Cervantez

Review of the DOL's New Overtime Rules under the Chevron Standard
Christopher B. Wilkinson

Tipping Points: Should the Law on Tipping Stay or Go?

Tipping Points: Should the Law on Tipping Stay or Go? | Slideshow
Dane Steffenson, Hope Pordy, Loren B. Donnell and Todd S. Aidman

Who Is an Employer? Expansive Considerations of Coverage

The Application of the Fair Labor Standards Act’s “Suffer or Permit” Standard in the Identification of Employees Who Are Misclassified as Independent Contractors.Dr. David Weil

Who Is an Employer? Expansive Considerations of Coverage: Coverage Issues: Volunteers, Interns/ Students and Other Current Issues
Yona Rozen

Worker Dependence, Independence, or Misclassification? Is This Your Current [If Not Future] Workplace?

Cheryl D. Jackson

Who Is an Employer? Expansive Considerations of Coverage: Panel


Advising Clients throughout the Whistleblower Investigation: A Candid Discussion Regarding the Complex Issue of How Lawyers Work with their Clients

BNA Insights: SEC Settlements Put Severance Agreements Under Increased Scrutiny
Arian June

Counseling the Whistleblower Client on Employment Law Concerns
Lynne Bernabei, Alan R. Kabat, and Christopher Sousa

SOX, Dodd-Frank, Retaliation and Reward: Representing the Client in the Age of the Whistleblower
Daniel J. Hurson

Crafting a Litigation Strategy for Employment Law Clients with Whistleblower Claims
Mark Hanna, Ann Lugbill and Michelle Cassorla

Recent Developments in Whistleblower Protection Law

Stepping Out of Role
Gregory C. Keating

Recent Developments in Whistleblower Law
Jason Zuckerman and Dallas Hammer

Recent Whistleblower Law Developments: Orrick's Whistleblowing Blog
Mike Delikat

Implied False Certification FCA Claims: A Basic Overview of Universal Health Services, Inc. v. United States ex rel. Escobar, 136 S.Ct. 1989 (2016)
Amy F. Shulman

Trying Whistleblower Retaliation Cases

Catherine A. Zulfer v Playboy Enterprises, Inc: Transcripts: Trial Day 1 | Trial Day 6

Opening Statements, Motion in Limine and Jury Instructions
Hon. Denise Page Hood, David deRubertis, Robin Potter and Janie F. Shulman

Whistleblower Protections for Federal Workers

Whistleblower Protections for Federal Workers
Joseph Kaplan, Louis Lopez, Deborah Miron and Jeff Rosenblum