February 13, 2020

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Plenary Sessions

Closing the Gap: Do Women and Men Need to “Lean In” Together?

Harvard Business Review: "Why We Hate Our Offices and how to build a workspace we can love"

Law Enforcement Labor Relations Post-Ferguson

Appendix of Relevant Materials Regarding Justice Department Oversight and Administrative Accountability
Jason C. Marsili

Chicago Cop Is the Face of the Ferguson Effect
John Kass

Issues in the Post-Ferguson World: The Labor Relations Aftermath of Recent Policing Controversies
Jennifer A. Dunn and Harry S. Stern

Maximizing the Millennial Workforce

Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks: Results from the Swimming Lessons for Baby Sharks/Above the Law Millennial Survey
Grover E. Cleveland

Cultural Evolution or Revolution? The Millennial’s Growing Impact on Professionalism and the Practice of Law
Jan L. Jacobowitz, Katie M. Lachter, and Gabriella Morello

Thoughts on "From Generation to Generation: Remarkable Women Leaders"
Jessie Kornberg

Happiness Math | Work-Life Balance: A Response to the Curmudgeon
Ms. JD

From Boss to Partner: The Changing Landscape of Leadership
Neha M. Sampat

Optimizing Generational Differences
Siobhan Kelley, Jessica Perry and Julie Totten

What Olympians, from Millennials to Boomers, Can Teach Us About the Workplace | Millennials and Technology in Today’s Workplace | Pepsico CEO Nooyi Interview Shows New Reasons to Retire the Old “Having It All” Debate | Millennials: Tips for Building a Foundation for Success | The Commencement Speech Parents Need to Hear
Lauren Stiller Rikleen

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Arbitration of Statutory Discrimination Claims

Response to an Unresolved Issue from Pyett: The NYC Real Estate Industry Protocol
Walter Meginniss and Paul Salvatore

After Pyett: The Protocol and Not Much Hope for Employees Getting into the Courts Unless Further Tweaks to the Protocol Are Attempted?
Michael Z. Green

Mediation of the Most Difficult Cases and How They Settle

Buying Peace or Buying Trouble?
Robert M. Goldich

A New Tool for Today’s Complex Negotiations: To Affinity and Beyond

The Impetus, Origin, and Application of the Affinity Bargaining Model

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