February 13, 2020

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Not So Usual Suspects--You and Your Client

Representing Employees in Criminal (and Potentially Criminal) Matters: A Sampling of Scenarios and Issues
Leslie J. Hagin

The Interaction between Criminal and Civil Law: Considerations for Management and Employees and Attorneys
Framroze M. Virjee

Not So Usual Suspects You and Your Client: The Traditional Labor Law Pitfalls
Gary S. Witlen

Some Thoughts on How to Stay Out Of Jail, Especially for In-House Counsel
Eric B. Wolff

Using the Control Key--How Far Can and Should Employer Social Media Policies Go

Social Media In (and Out) of the Workplace
Barbara L. Camens

Social Networking
Karen F. Jones

Social Media: Emerging Issues for Employment Lawyers
Mark Risk

Social Media 3.0: Impact on Restrictive Covenants and Employee Mobility
Eric Akira Tate and Susy Hassan

Public Sector

Crisis in Public Sector Collective Bargaining

The 2010 Arvid Anderson Paper: Public Sector Collective Bargaining at the Crossroads
R. Theodore Clark, Jr.

Crisis in Collective Bargaining--Ohio's Story
Linda Fiely

State Initiatives Affecting Public Employees; Collective Bargaining Rights
Susan Martin

Crisis in Collective Bargaining
Mark L. Olson

The Assault on Public Sector Collective Bargaining: Real Harms and Imaginary Benefits
Joseph E. Slater

New Laws Relating to Collective Bargaining and Benefits in the Public Sector, (as of Aug. 15, 2011)
Joseph Slater

The Impact of Pension Problems on Collective Bargaining

"Public Pensions for Retirement Security" Little Hoover Commission

"Public Pensions for Retirement Security" Little Hoover Commission
Bill Lockyer

Vested Rights of CalPers Members: Protecting the Pension Promises Made to Public Employees
California Public Employees' Retirement System

Lessons from Well-Funded Public Pensions: An Analysis of Six Plans that Weathered the Financial Storm
Jun Peng, Ph.D., and Ilana Boivie


Data Management in ESI Discovery

Toward Proportionality in the Management of ESI Discovery
Sean R. Gallagher

Location, Location, Location: Monitoring Employee Whereabouts and Activities

Monitoring Employee Whereabouts: Collective Bargaining Implications of RFID and GPS Technologies in the Workplace
Robert H. Lavitt

GPS, RFID and Privacy Rights in the Workplace
Norma G. Meacham

Sonitor Technologies

Protecting the Crown Jewels--Best Practices from Leading Companies

Protecting the Crown Jewels: Best Practices from Leading Companies--Checklists for Closing off Loss and Misuse
Lawton Humphrey

Technology Risk Management

Dana II--We Can Work It Out

Dana II: The Law of Pre-Recognition Framework Agreements
Michael Nicholson and Blair Simmons

Voluntary Recognition and Negotiated Frameworks under Dana Corporation: Pro-Business or Pro-Labor or Both?
Barry Winograd

TraditionaL Labor

Dateline NLRA: An Up-to-the-Minute Update of Developments under the National Labor Relations Act

Summaries of NLRB Decisions, Rules, and Proposed Rules and General Counsel Initiatives
Susan Davis, Molly Eastman and Michael Hayes

Get Off My Land! The Conflict between Property Rights and Protected Activities Under the National Labor Relations Act

Waiting for Roundy's: Employers and Organized Labor Await New Guidance Concerning the Conflict between Property Rights and Protected Activity
Jeffrey S. Bosley

New York New York: Contractor Employees Gain Access to Section 7 Rights
Brent Garren and Sarah Nash

In the Trenches: Meet the NLRB Regional Directors

The Role of Regional Directors in the National Labor Relations Board
Eileen B. Goldsmith

Meet the National Labor Relations Board General Counsel

Report of the General Counsel
Lafe E. Solomon

Trying a 10(j) Case--Process, Procedure and Insights--Part II

The Standard for Obtaining Section 10(j) Interim Injunctive Relief Under the National Labor Relations Act: The Interplay between the NLRA and the First Amendment
Michael W. Garrison, Jr. and Ryan W. Rutledge

Remedies in NLRA Section 10(j) Proceedings
Gene Mechanic

Taking the 10(j) Case to Trial: A Guide for the Charging Party's Attorney
N. Elizabeth Reynolds

Discovery in NLRA 10(j) Hearings
Jonathan M. Turner and Jesse M. Koppin

Trying a NLRB Case--Pre-Trial Process, Procedure and Insights--Part I

Trying a NLRB Representation Case--Pre-Hearing Process, Procedure and Insights--Part 1
Richard L. Ahearn, Olivia Garcia, H. Victoria Hedian, Richard Rosenblatt, Jennifer Platzkere Snyder and Tanja L. Thompson

NLRB Representation Case Procedures
H. Victoria Hedian

NLRB Representation Case Procedures

NLRB Representation Case Procedures

Sample Subpoena Attachment

Wage and Hour

Effective Mediation in Wage and Hour Litigation

A Review of Orders in Florida Regarding Settlement Agreements and Attorneys' Fees under the FLSA
Susan N. Eisenberg

Class Representative Enhancements and Attorneys Fees in Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement Agreements on the West Coast
Laura L. Ho

Mediating Wage and Hour Class Actions
Michael J. Loeb

Effective Mediation in Wage and Hour Litigation
Joseph E. Tilson and Jeremy J. Glenn

Case: 10-40036

Case: C 11-01272

Effective Motion Practice in Wage and Hour Class and Collective Actions

Streamlining Wage and Hour Motion Practice
George A. Hanson

Litigating Collective Action Treatment under the FLSA: A Brief History
Nathan J. Oleson

Recent Developments in Wage and Hour Law

Recent Developments in Wage and Hour Law
Jahan C. Sagafi, Richard J. (Rex) Burch, Denise M. Clark, Theodora R. Lee and Joan Fife

Trying the Wage and Hour Collective/Class Action

Challenges in Trying an FLSA Collective Action: A Defense Perspective for Exemption Cases
Paul L. Bittner

Wage/House Class and Collective Action Trials List: Addendum
The Adjudication of the 'Bona Fide Executive' Exemption in Collective Action Trials
Herman N. (Rusty) Johnson, Jr.

Whose Liability Is It Anyway?

Whose Liability Is It, Anyway?
Hope Pordy, Ellen C. Kearns, John Ho, Richard Blum and Will Aitchison

Working with Experts in Wage and Hour Litigation

Working with Experts in Wage and Hour Litigation
Lloyd W. Aubry

Providing the Right Data to Address Certification and Merits Issues in Wage & Hour Cases
Cristina G. Banks

Taking the Hint: Expert Evidence and Class Certification After Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. v. Dukes
David A. Lowe