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February 13, 2020 4th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Page Three

These pages are a re-creation of the CD containing 208 papers and presentations given at the Fourth Annual Section of Labor and Employment Law Conference held in Chicago.

Workers’ Compensation

Medicare Secondary Payer Legislative Initiatives
Hank Patterson

A Panel Discussion on How Federal Medicare Law May Affect the Handling of Your State Workers’ Compensation Claim
Gail Diamond Baker, David Halpern, Douglas Shaw, Hank Patterson and Rayford Taylor

Anatomy of an Employee Benefits Claim for the General Employment Law Practitioner

Anatomy of an Employee Benefit Claim
Denise M. Clark, Steve Haugen, Kimberly Jones and Hisham  M. Amin

Issues in 502 Litigation
Hisham M. Amin

Inside Edition: An Overview of the National Labor Relations Act and Practice Before the National Labor Relations Board

Outline for “An Overview of the National Labor Relations Act”: From the Union Side
Renee J. Bushey

Union Unfair Labor Practices and Rules Every Non-Union Employer Should Know
Stuart R. Buttrick and Matthew A. Bahl

Exactly What Do All These Numbers Mean?--Accounting for Lawyers

Sample Financial Data Requests
Niraj R. Ganatra

Duty to Provide Financial Information Under the National Labor Relations Act
Peter A. Janus

Employers’ Duty to Furnish Financial Information Due to an Inability to Pay
Peter A. Janus

Pension Fund Financial Statement
Accounting for Lawyers
Rona Seams

Litigation – Damages Calculation
Rona Seams

In-House Counsel

There Isn’t One Recipe: How To Address the “How To” of Training Your Organization in an Environment in Which Training May Be Your Best Defense

The “How To” on How To Train In Your Organization and Create a Defense

Your “Stay Out of Jail Free Card”: Best Practices in Business Ethics and Compliance Programs

Earning Your “Stay Out of Jail Free Card” by Developing an Effective Code of Conduct
Melinda Burrows

Microsoft Standard of Business Conduct
Code of Ethics: Living Up to Our Responsibilities
Progress Energy


Around the World in 90 Minutes: Highlights of Current Peculiarities and Pitfalls of Individual Transnational Employment Contracts

“Around the World in 90 Days” Hypothetical
Negotiating and Drafting Expatriate Employment Agreements
Wendi S. Lazar

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium – Global Labor and Management Strategies
Navigating Alternative Dispute Resolution Around the World: Trends and Challenges in Resolving Individual Employment Disputes
Alan R. Berkowitz

China’s Summer of Strikes (2010): Outline
Earl V. Brown, Jr.

Source Materials on China’s Strikes (Summer 2010): Collective Bargaining in China
Earl V. Brown, Jr.

Soft, Law International Framework Agreements and Tough Problems for Employers
Danny J. Kaufer

International Labor and Employment Law: From Periphery to Core
Marley S. Weiss

Adopting Global Labor Standards for Multinational Companies
Gerlind Wisskirchen