February 13, 2020

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Review of U.S. Supreme Court Cases from the 2008-2009 Term
Kenneth G. Dau-Schmidt

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mandatory Arbitrations of Statutory Discrimination Claims: The Challenges Confronting Employers, Unions, and Plaintiffs in Response to the Supreme Court's Decision in 14 Penn Plaza v. Pyett

Pyett v. 14 Penn Plaza
Kathleen Phair Barnard

14 Penn Plaza LLC v. Pyett and the Enforcement of Labor Contract Arbitration Procedures for the Resolution of Individual Statutory Anti-Discrimination Claims
Mark Berger

14 Penn Plaza's Impact on Collective Bargaining
Paul Salvatore and Brian Rauch

Arbitration in the Unionized Workforce: The Supreme Court Speaks in 14 Penn Plaza
Brian S. Rauch and Rebecca L. Berkebile

Brief of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as Amicus Curiae in Support of Plaintiff-Appellee and in Support of Affirmance

What the Supreme Court Did and Did Not Decide in 14 Penn Plaza LLC v. Pyett, 556 U.S. ___ (2009)
James Coppess

Where do we go after Pyett?
Robert D. Weisman and David T. Ball

Effective Mediating: Demonstration of Advanced Techniques for Advocates and Mediators That Will Help Your Mediations Succeed

Mediation Facts -- Marvin Fletcher v. AGHC

Twenty Questions for Plaintiffs' Counsel to Consider When Preparing to Mediate a Class Action Claim
Thomas A. Doyle

Goals/Means Discussion: Giving and Receiving Feedback Effectively
Homer C. LaRue

Ten Ways to Mangle a Mediation
Susan Grody Ruben

Preparing the Plaintiff for Mediation
Donald L. Sapir

Mediating for Employers: Getting Your Money's Worth
Suzanne M. Steinke

Mandatory Employment Arbitration: Has Experience Proven it a Panacea for Employers and a Curse for Employees

Is Mandatory Employment Arbitration Living Up to Its Expectations? A View From the Employer's Perspective
Charles D. Coleman

Mandatory Employment Arbitration
Charles D. Coleman

Outside Counsel's Perspective on Employment Arbitration
Robert W. McKinley

Arbitrators Less Prone to Grant Dispotive Motions Than Courts
Michael D. Young and Brian Lehman

Preparing for Your First or Your Hundredth Labor Arbitration

Pre-Arbitration Considerations and Preparation
Frank C. Botta

Preparing for Your First or Your Hundredth Labor Arbitration - An Arbitrator's Perspective
Mark L. Irvings

Presenting Your First (or 100th) Arbitration: The Day of the Hearing
Emma Leheny


Top Five Issues in Employment Law

Gross v FBL Financial Services, Inc.

Ricci ET AL v. DeStefano ET AL

H.R. 2831

It Was the Worst of Times: Layoffs Regressive Bargaining and Corporate Restructuring in a Troubled Economy

The General Motors and Chrysler Bankruptcies: Understanding the Transactions and the Underlying Legal Issues
Richard J. Brean

Reductions in Force and Reorganizations in an Economic Downturn
Laurie M. Burgess, Frida P. Glucoft, Vanessa Kelly and Mark D. Risk

Reductions in Force or Layoffs
Scott A. Kruse

Regressive or Concession Bargaining and Corporate Restructuring
Scott A. Kruse

Navigating the Pension Protection Act Multiemployer Rules from Certification to Bargaining and Beyond
Joyce A. Mader

Retiree Health Benefits: Legal Developments In A Changing Global Economy
Evan Miller, Andrew M. Kramer and Richard F. Shaw

Not a "Catcher in the Rye": Representing Plaintiffs in a Time of Massive Economic Downsizing
Michael C. Subit

ADA Redux: Current Developments and the Impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments

ERISA Claims and the Standard of Review Glenn: The Aftermath
Mark DeBofsky, Mark Casciari and Lissa J. Paris

The Other Fork In The Road – Choosing To Pursue Disability Benefits -Mental Health Parity and Disability
Mark D. DeBofsky

The ADA Amendments Act of 2008 and the EEOC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
Peggy R. Mastroianni

ADA Redux: Current Developments and the Impact of the Americans with Disabilities
Mary K. O'Melveny

Appendix to Paper: Job Accommodations Network
Mary K. O'Melveny

Impact of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008
T. Jeff Wray

I Know Who You Are and I Read What You Write: Claims Arising from Blogging, Texting, GPS and E-Mail

Workplace Privacy: New World, New Paradigm
Lewis Maltby

Human Tracking Devices and Employee Privacy
James A. McCall

Protecting Employee Communications in the Modern Workplace
Ellen J. Messing and Kevin C. Merritt

Getting Even? Don't Even Think About It! Expanding Avenues for High-Speed Pursuit of Retaliation Claims

Developments in Retaliation Cases
Jonathan Ben-Asher

Managing Employees Who Have Made Complaints of Unlawful Conduct
Steven Hymowitz, R. Bradley Mokros and Eileen Kuo

Selected Retaliation Cases for Unions
Julie Richard-Spencer

Recent Retaliation Cases in Federal Employment Discrimination Law
William R. Tamayo

Advanced ERISA Update: Prosecuting and Defending ERISA Claims

Major Issues in Litigation Involving 401(k) Plans
Karen L. Handorf

Aspects Fiduciary Liability Under ERISA
Richard Rouco

Transgender and Sexual Orientation Discrimination and Update on Sex Stereotyping Claims

Federal Cases Addressing Whether Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Non-Conformity and/Transgender Status Is A Form of Discrimination Based on Sex
National Center for Lesbian Rights

Before ENDA: Sexual Orientation, Same-Sex Domestic Partner Benefits And Gender Identity Protections Under Federal Law
Edward J. Reeves

Benefits Issues Affecting Employees in Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships or Same-Sex Marriages
Teresa S. Renaker

Peace as You Part: Negotiating Enforceable and Error-Free Separation Agreements and Other Releases

Separation Agreements: Negotiating in a Post Bail Out Economy
Wendi S. Lazar

Looking Through the ERISA Prism
Mary Ellen Signorille

You Can't Do That! Yes, I Can! Noncompetes and Trade Secrets

Employment Non-Competition and Trade Secrets 2009: "Lift Outs"; "Garden Leave," Bad Faith Actions and "White Hats"
David J. Carr

"You Can't Do That!" "Yes I Can!" Non-Competes and Trade Secrets 2009
David J. Carr

Practical Tips for Employers in Managing Applicants and Employees with Restrictive Covenants
Jennie Clarke

The Inevitable Disclosure of Trade Secrets: The Rebirth of a Controversial Doctrine and Where the Courts Stand
Jeffrey S. Klein and Gregory Silbert

When Johnny and Joanie Come marching Home Again: Recent Developments in USERRA

Expanding Military Benefits Through The Heroes Earning Assistance and Relief Tax Act and the Family Medical Leave Act
Paula Graves Ardelean, Kenneth R. Harrison, Sr., Eric W. Iskra and Esther Lander

Expanding Military Benefits through the Heroes Earnings Assistance and Relief Tax Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act: Additional Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act related benefits Found Outside of Title 38
Kenneth Harrison

When Johnny and Joanie Come Marching Home Again: Recent Developments in USERRA
Paula Graves Ardelean, Kenneth R. Harrison, Sr., Eric W. Iskra and Esther Lander

Difficulties and Disasters: Workplace Investigations Gone Wrong

California Dreamin' (Nightmarin"): Claims Based Upon Investigations Gone Wild
Maureen S. Binetti

Practical Approaches to Employee Investigations: The Defense Perspective
Carlos R. Perez

Bulletproofing Your Employment Investigations
Fran A. Sepler

A Balancing Act: The Latest in Family Responsibility Discrimination Law

Family Responsibilities Discrimination: Don't Get Caught Off Guard
Joan C. Williams and Consuela A. Pinto

Fact Sheet: Family Responsibilities Discrimination
UC Hastings College of Law

Labor Arbitration Award Summary
Melinda C. Holmes

Ohio Slip Opinion

Biting The Hand That Rocks The Cradle: Why Caregiver Discrimination is Gaining Momentum and What Your Client Should Be Doing About It Right Now
Leslie E. Silverman

Key Cases: Family Responsibilities Discrimination
Cynthia Calvert