2007 Section of Labor and Employment Law Conference

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Review of Supreme Court Developments in Labor and Employment Law

Supreme Court Update
Christine G. Cooper

Review of Significant Developments in Common Law and State Statutory Decisions

Significant Recent Employment Law Developments in State Common Law and Statutory Decisions
Stephen A. Mazurak


Case Hypothetical

Litigation Checklist for an Employment Case
Barbara J. D'Aquila

Case Preparation and Trial Outline
S. Gerald Litvin

Case Commentary By Management Attorney
James S. Barber

Voir Dire
Julie Richard-Spencer

A Plaintiff's General Trial Strategy
Richard T. Seymour

Direct Examination of the Plaintiff in an Employment Discrimination Case
Bill Lann Lee

Assessing Emotional Distress Damages: Torture or Fair Play
James J. McDonald, Jr.

Appellate Court Argument for the Plaintiff
Paul W. Mollica


Employment Discrimination Law and its Application to Common Workplace Issues--Title VII, ADEA, ADA and Harassment

Employment Discrimination Law and its Application to Common Workplace Issues--Title VII, ADEA, ADA and Harassment

Delner Franklin-Thomas, Justin M. Swartz and Charles A. Powell IV

Take Two Aspirin and Call Me in Twelve Weeks or Twelve Months: The Intersection of FFMLA, the ADA and Other Leave Protections

Navigating Rough Waters: The Confluence of the ADA/FMLA And Workers' Compensation Laws
David W. Garland and Jill Turner Lever

Overlaps and Gaps in Disability Rights, Family Medical Leave, and Workers' Compensation Laws
Michael C. Subit

The Interplay Between the ADA, the FMLA, Workers' Compensation and Health Care Reforms
Darlene A. Vorachek

I'll Be Watching You: Counseling Plaintiffs, Unions and Employers on Privacy in the Workplace

Privacy In the Workplace: Sources of Law and Illustrative Cases
Thomas J. (T.J.) Conley

Employee Misuse of Employer's Technology
Douglas E. Dexter

No Direction Home: Will the Law Keep Pace with Human Tracking Technology to Protect Individual Privacy and Stop Geoslavery?
William A. Herbert

Don't Beat the Clock: A Primer on Wage and Hour Laws and Potential Claims Under Them

Recent Wage and Hour Developments
John M. Husband

Investigating and Litigating Wage and Hour Collective and Class Actions From Plaintiff's Counsel's Perspective
Roberta L. Steele

Advanced Discrimination Principles for Counseling Purposes

Mary K. O'Melveny

Releases and the Law of Retaliation: Theories and Recent Developments
Eric S. Dreiband and David A. Rappaport

EEOC v. Ventura Foods

Constructive Discharge Post Suders1
Adele Rapport

Do You Want to Know a Secret: When the New Employee Knows Too Much

Protecting the Employer and Employee When the Employee Knows Too Much
Arnold H. Pedowitz

When the Employee Knows Too Much
Robert J. Wood

Keep It Safe: Dealing with Violence in the Workplace

The Extent to Which the NLRA Protects Violent Conduct
Joel Glanstein

Keeping it Safe: Dealing with Violence in the Workplace
B. Scott Silverman

Keep It Safe: Dealing With Violence In The Workplace--Checklists
Sheree Wright

The Claims to Watch Out For: Sarbanes-Oxley, Whistleblowing, Qui Tam and Other Retaliation Issues

Representing Whistleblowers in Sarbanes-Oxley Cases
Jonathan Ben-Asher

An Qui Tam Law Survival Guide for Employment Lawyers
Mark A. Kleiman

Reporting Back For Duty: USERRA and the Rights of Military Employers

Summary of Law Review Articles on USERRA
Captain Samuel F. Wright

Discussion Points
Captain Samuel F. Wright

How Employment and Union Advocates Can Obtain Information From Companies to Evaluate Claims

How Employment and Union Advocates Can Obtain Information From Companies to Evaluate Claims
Robert W. Sikkel

Requests to EEOC Under Freedom of Information Act and Section 83 of EEOC's Compliance Manual to Evaluate Claims of Employment Discrimination 1150
Robert Johnson

Press # For Other Options: Telecommuting and the Workplace

Working At Home As A Reasonable Accommodation: A Circuit-By-Circuit Survey
Joseph H. Yastrow

Creating a Successful Telecommuting Program
Wanda E. Flowers

Teleworking and Title VII
Piper Hoffman

What Do I have to Keep, When and for How Long? Document Retention Programs

Recordkeeping Requirements
Jeffrey C. Brodin

Chart of Workplace Data and Related Legal Requirements
E. Ray Stanford

Counseling of Multi-national U.S. Companies Operating Outside the United States

Fairness, Employee Privacy and Individual Freedom Under French Labor Laws
Thierry Gillot

Collective Termination in Canada
Robert Bonhomme

Whistleblowing and Privacy Protection in Europe
Gerlind Wisskirchen


EEO & OFCCP Fundamentals

EEO Basics

OFCCP Law Fundamentals
Debra A. Millenson and David S. Fortney

Employment Torts
Stephanie D. Gironda

Employment Rights and Responsibilities Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Employment Agreements and Restrictive Covenants
Eugene A. Boyle

Employment Agreement Between ABC Company and Employee X
Eugene A Boyle

ABC Restrictive Covenant Agreement
Eugene A. Boyle

Workplace Investigations
Louis Lopez

Workplace Investigations Supplement
Louis Lopez and Alisa Arnoff

Public Policy and Contractual Exceptions to the Employment at Will Policy
Samantha C. Grant

Substantive Ethics Issues: Expert Commentary on Thorny Ethical Scenarios

Selected Ethics and Professionalism Issues in Labor and Employment Law Cases
Dennis P. Duffy

Occupational Safety and Health Law Fundamentals

Occupational Safety and Health Law Fundamentals
David E. Jones and Stephen A. Yokich

International Labor Law Fundamentals

International Labor Law Fundamentals: China
Marissa Anne Pagnattaro

Global Differences in Employment: Key Issues and Important Cultural Considerations
Baba M. Zipkin

Overview of the Railway Labor Act

An Introduction to the Railway Labor Act
Jack Gallagher

An Overview of the National Mediation Board
Eileen M. Hennessey

Public Sector Labor & Employment Law Fundamentals

The Constitutional Aspects of Public Sector Bargaining
James Allmendinger

Collective Bargaining Under Comprehensive State Collective Bargaining Statute
James Baird

Interest Arbitration and Collective Bargaining In the Public Sector A Brief History
Peter R. Meyers