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December 08, 2020

AM | 2006

The following papers were presented at programs sponsored by the Section of Labor and Employment Law at the 2006 ABA Annual Meeting. Clicking on the filename will open a PDF document in a new window.

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What's New In Class Action Litigations

  • 2006 Federal Courts of Appeals Cases
  • Employment Class Actions

Equal Employment Opportunity Update

  • Employment Law Developments 2005-2006: Issues Resolved and Some That Should Be
  • The Year in Review: The Most Significant Recent Employment Discrimination Decisions

Litigation and Resolution of Cross-Border Labor and Employment Disputes

  • Using the Alien Tort Claims Act to Hold Multinationals Accountable for Human Rights Violations in U.S. Federal Courts
  • Extraterritorial Application of U. S. Laws
  • Mediating Disputes Over International Labor Standards

Critical New Issues in European Labor and Employment Law: What U.S and Other Non-European Lawyers Need to Know

  • Bolkestein: The United Kingdom Perspective
  • Equal Treatment Between Men and Women
  • Whistleblowing and Codes of Conduct in Europe
  • Codes of Conduct and Ethics Hotlines of Multinational Companies and their Implementation in Germany
  • Equal Treatment of Men and Women in the Workplace in Canada: An Update on a Unique Hybrid of U.S. and European Approaches
  • Recently Adopted New Law on Equal Treatment Between Men and Women in France

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee CLE Program

  • Ethical Issues in an Increasingly High-Tech Society
  • Developing Confidentiality Issues Affecting the Attorney's Ethical Obligations in Our Increasingly Hi-Tech Landscape—Some Nuts and Bolts Solutions
  • Developing Confidentiality Issues Affecting Attorney's Ethical Obligations in Our Increasingly Hi-Tech Landscape

Federal Labor Standards Committee CLE Program

  • A Case of Unintended Consequences--The Disappearance of the Motor Carrier Act Exemption Under the FLSA
  • Questions That Remain Open After IBP v. Alvarez
  • Opt-Out Wage and Hour Class Actions Under State Law

Development of the Law Under the NLRA and Practice and Procedure Under the NLRA Joint Committee CLE Program

  • The Bush II Board: The Good (Not So Much), The Bad (A Lot) and The Ugly (Overwhelming)
  • The Bush Board: A Panel Discussion on the Bush Board's Decisions

Employee Benefits Committee CLE Program

  • Overview of the Department of Labor Office of Labor Standards Proposed Rules for Labor Organization Officer and Employee Reports (Form LM-30)
  • Employee Benefit Issues and the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Form LM-10-Employer Reports

Equal Employment Opportunity Committee CLE Program

  • Best Diversity Practices in Law Firms
  • Commitment to Diversity
  • Achieving Diversity Within Unions
  • Basic Overview of Diversity and Inclusion

Plenary Session: Putting Your Best Case Forward

  • Using Themes At Trial: What Jurors Want and Ignore
  • Putting Your Best Case Forward, Best Trial Tactics

ERISA Update

  • Employee Benefits Update--Retirement Plans
  • Survey of State Fair Share and Universal Health Coverage Legislation
  • RlLA v. Fiedler: Does ERISA Preempt the Maryland Fair Share Health Care Fund Act
  • ERISA Litigation Update: The Year in Review: The Top Ten Cases and Issues

How Arbitrators Decide Labor & Employment Cases

  • Arbitral Decision-making in Labor and Employment Law

The Pension Crisis and PBGC

  • Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation in Workouts and Bankruptcy Reorganizations
  • Multiemployer Plans and Pension Funding Reform
  • Finding the Right Balance -Defined Benefit Pension Reform

Ethical Issues in Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Ethical Representation in Mediation
  • The AAA's New Employment Arbitration Rules and Their Effect on Disclosure Obligations
  • Are There Ethical Issues for Attorneys in Choosing Not to Select Arbitrators for Employment Disputes Based on Race
  • Formal Opinion 06-439: Lawyer's Obligations of Truthfulness When Representing a Client in Negotiation: Application to Caucused Mediation

Disaster Strikes! How to Address Labor and Employment Issues in the Aftermath

  • Disaster Strikes!

Litigation of the Misclassification Case

  • Fair Labor Standards Act and State Wage/Hour Claims