February 13, 2020

AM | 2005

The following papers were presented at programs sponsored by the Section of Labor and Employment Law at the 2005 ABA Annual Meeting. Clicking on the filename will open a PDF document in a new window.

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury Have You Reached a Verdict? (Parts I-III)

Update: Equal Employment Opportunity

Should I Go or Should I Stay? Ethical and Practical Issues Involving Lateral Partner Moves

Update: National Labor Relations Board

Wage and Hour Update: The Uncertain Fate of State Law Class Actions

Employment Rights and Responsibilities Committee Program

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Committee Program

Railway and Airline Labor Law Committee Program

Technology Committee Program

Development of the Law Under the NLRA and Practice and Procedure Under the NLRA Joint Committee Program

Equal Employment Opportunity Committee Program

When the Scale Tips: A Judicial Reading of Juries

ERISA Update: Fiduciary Issues Involving Mutual Fund Investment

How Did Perry Mason Do It?

Balancing Security and Fairness: The Impact of Terrorism on State and Local Government Employees

Counterclaims and SLAPP Suits

What is My Case Worth

Same Sex Marriage and Domestic Partner Benefits

Diversity's Impact on Employment Litigation

You Can't Do That to Me, I'm a Whistleblower!

Ethical Issues in Representing Multiple Plaintiffs and Defendants

Medicare and Prescription Drug Benefits

Ethical Hot Spots for Lawyers in the Electronic Age

Managing Disabilities and Serious Health Conditions in the Workplace: ADA and FMLA Trends and Developments

RICO in Labor and Employment Cases

It Ain't Over ‘Til It's Over

Primer on Bankruptcy Issues in Labor Law and Employee Benefits