February 13, 2020

AM | 2003

The following papers were presented at programs sponsored by the Section of Labor and Employment Law at the 2003 ABA Annual Meeting. Clicking on the filename will open a PDF document in a new window.

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The Basics: Family Medical Leave Act

The Basics: Employment Rights and Responsibilities

The Basics: Covenants Not-To-Compete and Trade Secrets

The Basics: Fair Labor Standards Act

The Basics: Ethical Issues in Labor and Employment Law

The Basics: Immigration Law

The Ultimate Arbitration Update--Arbitration Clauses--Enforcement, Reformation and Remedies: The Devil Is In the Details

Lawyers on the Road: Multi-Jurisdictional Practice

Employee Soldiers: The Rights of Military Reservists Returning From Active Duty

Update: Equal Employment Opportunity

Update: National Labor Relations Board

A Dialogue with the National Labor Relations Board

Effective Opening Statements

EEO 1 Reports: What Do They Really Tell Us

ADR In Labor and Employment Law Committee Program

Development of the Law Under the NLRA and Practice and Procedure Under the NLRA Joint Committee Program

Equal Employment Opportunity Committee Program

Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee Program

Update: Emerging Ethical Issues in ADR

What's In A Name: Addressing the Legal Definition of "Employee" After the Clackamas Decision

Law Firms as Model Employers

To Sue or Not To Sue: A Lawyer's Dilemma--Will It Be An Unfair Labor Practice

The Responsible Use of Medical Experts in Americans With Disabilities Act Litigation

Using Technology to Prove and Defend Against Punitive Damages Claims

Dealing With Employee Privacy, Freedom of Expression and Collective Activity in the Electronic Workplace

What to Do When the Whistle Blows or How to Blow It: Sarbanes-Oxley's Answer

Lights, Cameras and Labor Law! An Examination of Critical Issues Facing Employers and Unions In the Entertainment Industry and Their Implications for Other Industries

Dealing With the Law of Discrimination on the Basis of Sexual Orientation, Transgender and Related Issues

Comparative European and U.S. Standards of Conduct for Lawyers

What Makes A Successful Motion in Limine

Employment Based Immigration: Exploring Hoffman Plastics and Its Aftermath

Assessing Employee Rights and Employer Wrongs in Bankruptcy Proceedings