February 13, 2020

AM | 2001

The following papers were presented at programs sponsored by the Section of Labor and Employment Law at the 2001 ABA Annual Meeting. Clicking on the filename will open a PDF document in a new window.

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Antitrust RICO and Labor Law Committee Program

Employment Rights and Responsibilities Committee Program

Equal Employment Opportunity Committee Program

EEO Update--Since Last We Met

Internet Resources Available to Labor and Employment Lawyers

ERISA Update: 2000-2001 in Review

Understanding Executive Compensation Packages

After the Merger/Acquisition: Employee Benefits Ligitigation Issues

The Exportation of U.S. Labor Laws: Federal Law on Foreign Soil

National Labor Relations Board Update

National Labor Relations Board Program Featuring Board Members

The International Labor Contract: The Enforceability of Domestic Contracts in Foreign Nations

High-Tech Harassment: How to Address Hostile Workplace Claims Based on E-mail and Internet Usage

Rights of Non-Union Employees During Employer Investigations

Deposition Techniques That Work

Ethical Issues Related to Electronic Communications

Issues Facing In-House Counsel

Circuit City: Where Do We Go From Here?

Contingent Workforce

Legislative Update

Basic Labor and Employment Law

The Desirability of Minimum Labor Standards for U.S. Employers Overseas

Labor Secretary's Speech