February 13, 2020

AM | 1999

The following papers were presented at programs sponsored by the Section of Labor and Employment Law at the 1999 ABA Annual Meeting. Clicking on the filename will open a PDF document in a new window.

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The Development and Application of the AMA's Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment

ADR in Labor and Employment Law Committee Program

Employee Benefits Committee Program

Equal Employment Benefits Committee Program

Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee

The Game of "Legal Twister:" Successfully Identifying and Handling Ethical Dilemmas in Employment Litigation

Suing the Mayor and City Hall Too! Litigation of Constitutional and Section 1983 Employment Issues

EEO Update

Is Anything Sacred? The Ever Expanding World of Employee Privacy Issues

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: Opportunities for Women in the Practice of Labor and Employment Law

ERISA Update

EPLI and ERISA Fiduciary Insurance: An Informational Program for Attorneys Suing Employers and Employers Selecting Insurance Coverage

More Than Just Lip Service: Developing and Enforcing Effective Sexual Harassment Policies

Discipline and Discharge

The ADA and Psychological/Mental Disabilities

Class Actions In Employment Law Basics

Class Actions in Employment Law Breakout 1: How To File and Defend a Class Action

Class Actions in Employment Law Breakout 2: How To Settle a Class Action

Gilmer Update

Preemption Under ERISA--A New World Order

Negotiating Settlements Under Employment Claims

Statutory Claims Under Collective Bargaining Agreements: Where Do We Go From Here?