Employment Litigation Skills Training

Plaintiff's Pleadings: Pitfalls to Avoid When Drafting the ComplaintWayne N. Outten and Jack A. Raisner

Preparation of the Complaint and the Answer: Avoiding/Exploiting Pleading Pitfalls
Alan M. Rauss

Refining Discovery Tactics in Employment Litigation
Gary B. Eidelman

Depositions That Win Cases: A Defense Perspective
T. Jeff Wray

Depositions That Win Cases: The Plaintiff's Perspective
Darlene A. Vorachek

Taking and Defending Depositions to Win Your Case Program Outline | Powerpoint
Valerie Meyer and Alisa Arnoff

Summary Judgment: Defeating the Employer's Inevitable Motion

John R. Runyon

Summary Judgment in Employment Litigation
Gail Golman Holtzman

Tips for Crafting a Winning Motion
Michael Rosen

Coping Successfully With Difficult Opponents and Temperamental Judges
Felix J. Springer and Kenneth W. Gage

Overcoming Obstacles Presented by the Temperamental Judge and Difficult Adversary
Laura S. Schnell

How To Cope With A Difficult Adversary

James E. Davidson

The Staging of an Employment Drama: Winning Trial Techniques
Robert M. Goldich

Winning Trial Techniques and the Importance of Themes
Michael L. Pitt and Cary S. McGehee

Getting Inside the Mind of the Facilitator: Creating Compelling Themes In Employment Litigation

John M. Husband and Karen O. Lisko

Strategies for a Successful Employment Mediation
Sara Adler

Admitting Electronic Evidence in Federal Court: I've Got all this Electronic Data -- Now What Do I Do with It?
Michael D. Gifford