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Issue: November 2020

Research Grants Available

National Academy of Arbitrators, Research & Education Foundation

The National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA) is a professional association of labor and employment arbitrators in the United States and Canada.

The Academy’s Research and Education Foundation (REF) supports research and education relevant to labor and employment arbitration. The Foundation welcomes applications for grants of up to $50,000 for any of the following purposes:

  1. The study and understanding of grievance procedures, mediation processes, arbitration processes, and other forms of labor and employment dispute resolution.
  2. The impact of law on grievance and arbitration processes.
  3. The education and training of persons engaged in the resolution of labor-management and employment disputes.
  4. The preparation and publication of books, articles, and audio-visual materials designed to enhance the competence of persons engaged in the arbitration and/or mediation of labor-management and employment disputes.
  5. The preparation of material designed to keep arbitrators, mediators, and students of labor-management and employment arbitration abreast of current research into the dispute resolution process.
  6. The development of procedures or techniques for the resolution of labor and employment disputes in this and in other countries.

Detailed information on how to apply for an REF grant can be found on the NAA website.

Questions about these grants can be directed to REF President Alan Symonette.