July 08, 2019 Issue: July 2019

Message from the Chairs

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the ABA International Labor and Employment Law Committee, with one eye sliding towards the beach, long hot days in the sun and balmy evenings relaxing with family and a chilled California rosé. We wanted to catch you before you go, to help you make the summer last just a little longer with a trip to London for the 6th Transatlantic Employment Conference on Tuesday, September 24.

The biannual Transatlantic Employment Conference is organized jointly between the ABA International LEL Committee and the UK Employment Lawyers Association, the largest specialist employment lawyers group in the UK. The event is a signature event in the ELA calendar and always attracts a big crowd of leading employment lawyers from the UK and also Europe.

We are incredibly proud of this long-lasting collaboration between the ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law and ELA. It is an example of the importance that ABA Section places on providing its members with opportunities for cutting edge learning, international relationship building and an environment where new ideas are welcomed and supported year on year.

This year’s Transatlantic Employment Conference is being led by past ABA International LEL Committee co-chairs Mike Delikat, Wendi Lazar and Maryann Parker, who, together with members of the ELA international committee, have created a fantastic program of transatlantic and wider global employment law issues. A tremendous amount of effort has gone into the planning of this event, and we are very grateful for the dedication and support that Wendi, Mike and Maryann have shown to the ABA/ELA Transatlantic Employment Conference in this and prior years.

Topics include for the 2019 Conference in London on September 24 include:

  • Plenary Session: #MeToo and the Legal Profession: What and Where Next?
  • Data, Privacy and Employer Monitoring: The Employment Experience of the Future
  • Exercise of Discretions: Global Trends in Remuneration Decisions
  • Post-Deal Integration Issues on Global Transactions
  • Whistleblowing: A Global Update
  • Global Workplace Investigations: A View from the Front Line
  • The Impact of Technology on the Workplace
  • Pay Equity and Diversity Trends
  • A Brave New World: The Challenges of Managing the Modern Workforce
  • Trade Secrets and Data IP Rights: Where Are We Now in the US and UK on Restrictive Covenants?
  • Populism and Cross-Border Mobility: Consequences for the Workplace and Employees

There also will be a Welcome Reception the evening before the Conference on Monday, September 23 at the famous Reform Club in London, to which all the speakers and attendees will be invited.

We hope you will join us and the many UK and European employment lawyers who also plan to attend this fantastic event in London. To find out more and to register for the Transatlantic Employment Conference, click here and follow the link for the Non-ELA Members Booking form. If you have any questions about the Conference, feel free to contact Wendi, Mike or one of the ABA International LEL Committee co-chairs.

Warm regards,

Katherine Blostein (Employee Co-chair), Clare Murray (International Co-Chair), Owen Herrnstadt (Union & Employee Co-chair) and David Garland (Employer Co-Chair)