Insights from Joanne Roskey

I am very honored and excited to begin my term as the Committee’s new Neutral Co-Chair.  This Committee offers so much to so many in the employee benefits arena and I look forward to doing my part to maintain the excellence of our programs and publications and grow and diversify our membership. 

There are several people I would like to thank not only for their contributions and leadership in the Committee, but for introducing me to the Committee and encouraging me to get involved.   The first is my former colleague Marc Machiz, who told me about the Committee in 2012 and urged me to attend the Mid-Winter Meetings.  Thanks to Marc I quickly learned how valuable those meetings are and have met many great Committee members who have greatly enriched my practice and experiences as an attorney. 

The second person I would like to thank is Marjorie Butler, who has served the Committee as the Public Co-Chair the past three years.  Margi has been an exceptional “EBC cheerleader” among her public sector colleagues and has worked in numerous ways to increase membership and participation in the Committee by government attorneys.  I am one of the lucky Committee members whom Margi has mentored and encouraged over the past six years, and I hope to build upon her many successes.

I urge all of our members to reach out to a junior colleague or a peer as Marc and Margi have done and encourage him or her to get involved in the ABA and in our Committee in particular.  If we each did so this year, our membership would double and our Committee would benefit in many ways, from an infusion of fresh ideas and perspectives to enhanced revenue to fund our many activities.   I know from experience it is also rewarding to see others become involved as a result of one’s efforts.   Please take a moment to consider who in your office or professional circle would benefit from Committee membership, and encourage them to join and get involved.

I look forward to working with each of you and with my Co-Chairs Denise Clark, Benjamin Eisner and Russell Hirschhorn over the next several years and hope you will reach out to me with your ideas, questions and suggestions.