Seeking Book Contributors

One of the most beneficial products that the Section offers is the comprehensive treatises published jointly with Bloomberg BNA Books. These treatises, written by and for Section members, are not only beneficial to those who read and reference the books, but also to those who contribute their valuable knowledge to produce the books.

Many of the books become well known as the most thorough and balanced tomes around and are considered a necessary part of any well-stocked library. For example, more than 9,500 copies of The Developing Labor Law have been sold. Contributors and their firms are acknowledged in every book. Names of each of the principal contributors are mentioned in the promotional materials for each treatise and supplement, including letters sent to all Section members. Additionally, contributors are credited in various committee newsletters.

Contributing to a book is also a great way to become more involved with committees for those whose schedules don't always permit attendance at committee meetings. Every contributor will also receive a complimentary copy of the finished product, a benefit that can offset the entire cost of both Section and ABA membership dues.

If you would like to contribute to one of the Section's many treatises, please contact the coordinator listed on the contact form (PDF). You are encouraged to join the committee authoring the book if you are not already a member. There is no charge for joining a committee. You must, however, be a member of the Section in order to join a committee. You may join as many committees as you wish online--join now.