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Call for Articles

The ABA Journal of Labor & Employment Law (formerly The Labor Lawyer) would love to see your articles submitted for publication! The Journal has been published since 1985 and is committed to providing balanced discussions of current developments in labor and employment law to meet the practical needs of attorneys, judges, administrators and the public. Articles published in the Journal reflect the diversity of practice areas and perspectives within the Section. Editorial work on the Journal is a faculty-student collaboration. Faculty Co-editors work with 10 third-year student editors to select and edit articles published in the Journal. Additional students work as staff editors to cite-check articles. 

Submit work directly to the Journal at [email protected]. The Journal accepts submissions year-round. Articles should be direct, timely and focused on issues that will be interesting and informative to the Journal’s audience. The author’s name should be followed by a star footnote (*), providing information that identifies the nature of the author’s work – management, labor or employee-side, neutral, or academic, for example. Manuscripts should generally be between twenty-five and forty pages, double-spaced – roughly 10,000 words. Footnotes should be confined to useful documentation and support of the author’s assertions and contain mainstream reputable sources. Authors should consult sources to ensure the topic is not preempted. In preparing both text and footnotes, authors should refer to the following works for style and form: The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015); for matters of literary style not covered by this manual, The Chicago Manual of Style (17th ed. 2017), The Elements of Style (4th ed. 1999) or The Redbook: A Manual of Legal Style (4th ed. 2018).

Questions may be directed to the faculty editors at Saint Louis University Law School: Professor Matthew T. Bodie ([email protected], 314-977-7507), Professor Miriam A. Cherry ([email protected], 314-977-4537) or Professor Marcia L. McCormick ([email protected], 314-977-4263).