Michelle D. Craig

Michelle D. Craig

Michelle D. Craig

Employer/Management lawyer at Transcendent Law Group

Michelle D. Craig is an Employer/Management lawyer at Transcendent Law Group in New Orleans, LA. Michelle graduated from LSU Law Center in 2002 where she received dual degrees including a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) and a Bachelor of the Civil Law (B.C.L.) from the Louisiana State University (LSU) Law Center.  She also studied International and Comparative Law at the Université d'Aix Marseille III in Aix en Provence, France. She has been practicing Labor and Employment Law for more than 17 years. Michelle joined the Section because she wanted to stay up-to-date on developments in Labor and Employment Law, network with other attorneys and learn about different facets of the practice. What Michelle enjoys most about being a Section member is connecting with other members and people she wouldn’t otherwise be able to meet. This self-described “supportive” lawyer is a great member to get to know!

Favorite Book: Runaway Jury by John Grisham
Favorite Movie: Crash
Midnight Snack: Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips
Hidden Talent: Art
Dream Vacation: Morocco

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