March 26, 2021

2017-11-27 - Spencer Phillips

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Spencer Phillips, is an Attorney at Employer-Lawyer, PLLC in Lehi, Utah. He has been practicing labor law for 13 years and joined the Section in 2005. Spencer joined to obtain access to relevant, cutting-edge information that keeps him on the forefront which is critical to his success. His practice consists of the management-side which entails: harassment training, internal investigations, HR consulting, and defense of employee claims. Attorney Spencer Phillips has successfully represented businesses in more than 1,000 cases of employment discrimination in 48 states across the United States. From the largest corporations in the country to the smallest retail shops, Mr. Phillips has a wealth of experience protecting employers from baseless claims. And, as a former employment law judge, Mr. Phillips has the courtroom experience your business needs. This self-described “trustworthy” lawyer is a great member to get to know.

Favorite Book: Wonder by R.J Palacio
Favorite Movie: "Dead Poets Society"
Hidden Talent: Building high-end, custom wood violin bows
Midnight Snack:Ritz crackers and Nutella
Dream Vacation: The Blue Grotto in Italy
Hobbies:Teaching my children how to surf and play volleyball
Favorite Class in Law School: Administrative Law