March 26, 2021

2017-11-13 - Judy Polacheck

Judy Polacheck, is an HR lawyer at Polacheck HR Law LLC in Cambridge, MA who helps companies comply with employment laws and regulations. She has been practicing labor law since 1994 and joined the Section four years ago. After litigating with larger firms, Judy began working as outside employment counsel to companies in the technology sector, life sciences and other industries through Polacheck HR Law. Judy’s special focus is on the many businesses whose workforce is not structured in a uniform way. Remote workers, part-timers, independent contractors and gig workers are all providing labor. Some people work on occasional projects and a few may be employed by affiliated entities. Judy helps bridge the gap between sometimes-outdated rules governing the workforce and the realities of worker relationships in the digital economy. This self-described “dynamic” lawyer is a great member to get to know.


Favorite Book: Chessboard and the Web: Strategies of Connection in a Networked World by Ann-Marie Slaughter
Hidden Talent: Singing
Midnight Snack:Ice cream
Dream Vacation: Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, Canada
Hobbies:Running, yoga, singing, reading, hiking, cooking, etc
Favorite Class in Law School: Civil Rights law

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