April 01, 2020

2016-05-09 - Molly Gabel

Molly Gabel, is an Employer/Management lawyer with Alaska Airlines, Inc. in Seattle, Washington where she serves an in-house labor lawyer for the air carrier. She has been practicing labor and employment law for 10 years and has been a Section member since 2004. Molly decided to join the Section because she wanted to expand her knowledge and expertise of labor law. Upon joining, she remained active because of how quickly the Practice and Procedure Under the NLRA Committee helped her learn substantive and procedural labor law. Ms. Gabel remains active to learn substantive law under the Railway Labor Act, as well as for the networking and connections the Section of Labor & Employment Law provides. As a member of the Section, she enjoys being able to network with government officials and neutrals while also being a part of the Railway and Airline Labor Law committee. This self-described “passionate” lawyer is a great member to get to know.

Favorite Book: My Life in France
Hidden Talent:   Playing the French horn
Favorite Movie:
Dream Vacation:
Midnight Snack
: Cheese