April 01, 2020

2015_11_02 - Jessie Cardinale

Jessie Cardinale, an Employee/Plaintiff lawyer with Pedowitz & Meister, LLP in New York City, has been practicing law for four and a half years and has been a Section member since 2012. Her practice focuses on employment, contracts, and severance agreements, restrictive covenants and discrimination claims. Originally, she practiced corporate law but transitioned to labor and employment law because it allows her to work closely with clients, who many times are going through some of the most difficult periods in their lives. She particularly likes being able to not only provide legal assistance but also to serve as a coach, confidant and companion throughout the process. She Co-Chairs the Section’s Law Student Outreach Committee and strongly recommends that other attorneys volunteer to serve as program coordinators so they can share their love for employment law with all the eager-to-learn law students out there. When you meet Jessie, ask her about a high school course she took called “Advanced Social Science Research,” where she had to complete an independent sociological study of her choosing. She won the science fair during her senior year for her study which was an analysis of the type of peer pressure that exists between best friends. This self-described “inquisitive” lawyer is a great member to get to know.

Favorite Book:  The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell
Would Most Like to Meet:  Tina Fey
Dream Vacation:  Italy
Midnight Snack:  With zero shame, a chocolate/peanut butter milkshake