April 01, 2020

2015-09-14 - David Borgen

David Borgen, an Employee / Plaintiff lawyer at Goldstein Borgen Dardarian & Ho in Oakland, California, has been practicing labor and employment law for 35 years.  He was a union side lawyer from 1981-1990 and since 1990, has represented employees in class actions enforcing Title VII, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and state labor laws. He joined the Section in 1995 to share information about the plaintiffs' perspectives on EEO and FLSA class/collective action litigation and to get the benefit of the employers' advocates' experience in a non-adversarial context. He has been most active on the Federal Labor Standards Legislation Committee and has learned a lot from interactions with the other Section members. He’s appreciated the opportunities afforded to learn leadership skills by participating in committee work and writing skills working on Section treatises. David serves as a co-chair of the Section’s Newsletter Committee.  This self-described “reasonable” lawyer is a great member to get to know!

Favorite Book: Just Mercy, by Bryan Stephenson
Favorite Movie: “Forbidden Planet”
Dream Vacation: Swiss Alps, Yosemite, New Zealand