August 03, 2015

2015-08-03 - Susan J. Willenborg

Susan J. Willenborg, a Government lawyer at the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board in Chicago, IL, has been practicing Labor & Employment Law for 32 years.  Her practice deals with labor law matters in the public sector.  She has conducted hearings, conducted investigations, written for the Board, mediated cases, worked with the Attorney General’s Office on appeals of agency decisions, and conducted elections.  She is in charge of agency rule-making and fair share (agency fee) matters.  She is currently the Acting General Counsel.  Susan joined the Section in 2012 to learn more about Labor & Employment Law and to network with other lawyers in the field.  Her favorite part of the Section is attending conferences.  Susan is most active in the State and Local Government Bargaining and Employment Law Committee.  This Government lawyer is a great member to get to know!

Hidden Talent: Cooking
Favorite Book: The Bible
Favorite Movie: Chariots of Fire
Dream Vacation: The British Isles
Favorite Midnight Snack: Chocolate