April 01, 2020

2015-06-15 - Damarr Butler

Damarr Butler, a Government lawyer at the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation in Washington, D.C., has been practicing Labor & Employment Law for seven years.  His practice encompasses protecting and defending the rights of the PBGC, with respect to ongoing and terminated pension plans, in Federal and State bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings; and litigation, transactional, and regulatory matters.  Damarr joined the Section in 2008 to learn more about ERISA and to be able to network with other ERISA attorneys.  Since he works for a government agency, he especially loves being able to meet attorneys who represent employers, unions, and individuals while at the same time enjoying the balanced perspective in the CLE.  Damarr is most active in the Employee Benefits Committee.  This outstanding lawyer is a great member to get to know!

Hidden Talent: Ability to remember discrete details
Favorite Book: Anything by John Grisham
Favorite Movie: Crash
Dream Vacation: Return visit to Italy
Favorite Midnight Snack: Pizza