December 08, 2020

2015-06-01 - Gail Sheridan-Lucht

Gail Sheridan-Lucht, a Public lawyer with the State of Iowa, Division of Labor Services, in Des Moines, IA, has been practicing Labor & Employment Law for 27 years.  She enforces the labor & employment laws for the State of Iowa including wage, child labor, contractor registration, asbestos licensing, occupational safety and health, elevator, boiler, and amusement ride permits, etc.  Gail joined the Section around 25 years ago because she wanted information about the field and knew the Section had a lot to share.  She has enjoyed the meetings and conferences over the years and the chance to network with other attorneys across the country that practice in her area of expertise.  She is most active in the Occupational Safety and Health Law Committee.  This determined lawyer is a great member to get to know!

Hidden Talent: Plays the piano
Favorite Book: Anything by John Grisham
Favorite Movie: Gone With the Wind
Dream Vacation: China
Favorite Midnight Snack: Chocolate