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October 19, 2022

Return to Office vs. Remote Work and the Right to Disconnect: A World-Wide Overview

Panelists discuss the new modalities of working and the right to disconnect that have developed recently in many countries in an attempt to achieve a work/life balance. The panel also talks about the hybrid work format that has taken the lead and what HR practices are doing in order to hire and retain talent while considering the new market demands that go beyond compensation. This topic is viewed from management, employee, union and HR perspectives with a global overview in terms of regulations, practices and expectations.

Juan Carlos Alvarez Echeveri
, Telefónica, Colombia
Ivan Camilo Jimenez, Labor Bar Association, Colombia
Eloy Castañer, Garrigues, Madrid, Spain
Vanessa M. Kelly, Clark Hill PLC, Princeton, NJ, USA
Justine Laurier, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Montreal, QC, Canada
Mert Laura Perdomo Ospino, ILAW Network, Bogota, Colombia

Carolina Camacho
, Garrigues, Bogota, Colombia
Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua, MBB Abogados, Buenos Aires, Argentina

NOTE: This free webinar is not accredited for Continuing Legal Education.