Reinventing Your Career as a New or Young Labor and Employment Lawyer in 2020

Presented by the Outreach to New and Young Lawyers Committee
Co-Sponsored by the ABA Young Lawyers Division

NOTE: CLE credit is not available for this program.

Recent events have caused many new and young lawyers across all constituencies and L&E practice areas to evaluate their career goals and personal values. The economic consequences of the pandemic have quickly changed the legal landscape. As legal employers throughout the country are responding to the economic challenges of the day by imposing pay cuts, reduced hours, furloughs and permanent layoffs on their workforces, new and young lawyers are left to deal with the significant impact those decisions have on their professional development, finances and personal life. In addition, as the country’s struggle for equality has taken center stage following the tragic killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, lawyers across the labor and employment law practice spectrum have increased their efforts to involve themselves in equity work, both on and off the clock. Whether the events have spurred your interest in a new constituency or job change or you are looking for ways to affect positive change at or in addition to your current job, this webinar will offer specific insight from experienced practitioners who have navigated similar situations earlier in their careers and are navigating them now. Panelists will discuss how they determined “the right time” to make their career or constituency change, what challenges they faced in doing so, and how to effectively advocate for social causes through a career or constituency change or at their current job. This program is aimed at helping new or young labor and employment attorneys turn the professional challenges of this moment into meaningful opportunities.

Keith D. Greenberg, Arbitrator and Mediator, Washington, DC
Christopher Houk, Houk Law Firm, PLLC, Tempe, AZ
Christina Papadopoulos, Allied Pilots Association, Dallas, TX
Rodney C. Pratt, Converse Inc., Boston, MA
Joseph K. West, Duane Morris LLP, Washington, DC

Terrill A. Wilkins, Abrahamson Vorachek & Rdzanek, Chicago, IL