Tuesday, September 24

Janus Revisited MCLE Webinar

Janus Revisited MCLE Webinar
Tuesday, September 24
12:00 – 1:30 p.m. (Eastern)

LEL Section Member Fee: $50
ABA Member Fee: $125
Non-Member Fee: $150

Join our panel of experts on Tuesday, September 24, as they discuss the ramifications of last year’s decision in Janus that undid 41 years of precedent in ruling that “fair share” clauses in public sector union contracts violate non-member payers’ First Amendment Constitutional rights. 

Last year’s 5-4 ruling of the United States Supreme Court has far-reaching implications for public (and perhaps even private) sector union membership, and thus dues revenue, and has spawned considerable litigation on several fronts, including recoupment of union dues payments as damages, maintenance of membership clauses, voiding existing contract clauses, exclusivity, and attempts to expand the majority’s Janus reasoning to other areas.  In order to lessen the impact of the Janus decision, several state legislatures have enacted laws anticipating or responding to this ruling.  Other states are considering such legislation given the great uncertainty over the impact of the Court’s decision.  Amidst this turmoil and uncertainty, labor unions are attempting to defend themselves and maintain or increase union membership through innovative new bargaining approaches, legislative initiatives, and creative product development and packaging.  Labor and employment lawyers from all sides of the table will benefit from this CLE Webinar presenting the challenges and approaches that have flowed from the Janus decision.

Gregg Adam, Messing Adam & Jasmine LLP
James Baird, Clark Baird Smith LLP
Charlotte Garden, Seattle University School of Law
Emily Martin, Washington State Public Employment Relations Commission