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April 27, 2021

The Future of Organizing

We are coming out of a global pandemic and have a new Administration that is taking some of the strongest public positions on labor issues that we have seen in decades, maybe ever. What does this mean for the future of union organizing in 2021 and beyond? How has the pandemic and the social justice movement impacted traditional methods of union organizing, such as home visits and community involvement? How has the change in the nature and age of the workforce (and interest in personal privacy) impacted organizing tactics and/or employer responses to those tactics? How has the onset of mail ballot elections affected organizing? Have changes in the typical unit size affected organizing? What do practitioners expect organizing to look like in light of the proposed PRO Act and a future Biden National Labor Relations Board? How is third party conduct impacting organizing drives? How does the law protect or allow the new organizing tactics we are seeing from both labor and employers? Please join us for an informative and engaging discussion on this important and changing topic.

Steven Greenhouse, Journalist, New York, NY
Richard F. Griffin, Jr., Bredhoff & Kaiser, PLLC, Washington, DC
Jazmyn J. Stover, Fisher & Phillips LLP, Cleveland, OH
Angela Thompson, American Federation of Teachers, Washington, DC

RyAnn McKay Hooper, Epstein Becker & Green, P.C., New York, NY