14th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Whistleblower Track

Technology’s Impact on Whistleblowing: Drones, Phones and Automatons
Melinda C. Burrows, Lloyd B. Chinn, Madeleine T. Le and Alexis Ronickher

Emerging Issues in Whistleblowing: COVID-19 and Technology
Alexis Ronickher

Cybersecurity and Whistleblower Claims
Denise K. Drake, Megan Guenther, Victoria Richter, Jordan A. Thomas and Alvin Velazquez

The Failures of Whistleblower Laws in Protecting Workers
Alvin Velazquez

Reporting Without Regrets: The SEC Whistleblower Handbook
Jordan A. Thomas

A Practitioner’s Guide to Cybersecurity Whistleblowing