14th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Plenary Sessions

The Future of Work
Cynthia E. Nance, Judith A. Scott, Richard J. Simmons, and Julie A. Su

The Future of Work
Judith A. Scott

Reimagining America’s Workplaces During And Following The COVID-19 Pandemic
Richard J. Simmons

A Conversation with General Counsel on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the World of Sports
D'Lonra Ellis, Lisa K. Levine, Sekou Lewis, Ian Penny and Rodney C. Pratt

Pro Bono Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives: You Can Make a Difference
Kimberley Chaput, Sandro Garofalo, Gerald T. Hathaway and Martina Vandenberg

Expanding Area of Regulation: Supply Chain Integrity, including Compliance Regarding Human Trafficking and Coerced Labor
Gerald T. Hathaway

Advocate's Guide to Tax Issues Affecting Victims of Human Trafficking

Federal Human Trafficking Civil Litigation: 15 Years of the Private Right of Action

U.S. Remedies for Minor Victims of Sex Tourism and Sex Trafficking

Mandatory Restitution and Human Trafficking:

Ending Impunity, Securing Justice: Using Strategic Litigation to Combat Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Supreme Court Review
Hon. J. Michelle Childs

SCOTUS Update 2019-2020: Developments in Labor & Employment Law
Hon. J. Michelle Childs

Police Disciplinary Arbitrations: The Problem or the Solution
Hon. André Birotte Jr., Michael Z. Green, Kay H. Hodge, Larry H. James and Alan A. Symonette

An Essay on the Rhythm and Blues of Police Discipline and Racial Justice: To Arbitrate or Not to Arbitrate is Really Not the Question
Michael Z. Green

Labor Arbitration and Police Discipline: Misperceptions and Reforms
Alan A. Symonette

National Fraternal Order of Police Collective Bargaining and Arbitration Task Force
Larry H. James

The Next Four Years of Labor and Employment Law Under a Biden or Trump Administration
Christine Godsil Cooper, David S. Fortney, David Lopez and Celine McNicholas

Unprecedented The Trump NLRB’s Attack on Workers’ Rights
Celine McNicholas