14th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Track

Effective EEO, Anti-Bias and Anti-Bullying Employee Training Programs
Hon. Charlotte A. Burrows, Kelly M. Dermody, Nicole A. Groves, Jun Lim and Heather Morgan

Effective EEO and Anti-Bias Training Programs Are Elusive without Metrics and Monitoring
Kelly M. Dermody

Discrimination or Harassment by a Customer or Other Non-Employee: What to Do and Who is Responsible
Hon. Victoria A. Lipnic, Eve H. Cervantez, Darryl Franklin,  Timothy Reed and Yona Rozen

Innovative Solutions to Customer Harassment What Employers Can and Should Do to Protect Their Employees and Themselves
Eve H. Cervantez

Creative Ways Unions Can Address Issues of Harassment and Discrimination Where There is No Employer/Employee Relationship
Yona Rozen

California (Potentially) Leads Way by Expanding Statutory Protections against Workplace Harassment by Nonemployees
Timothy Reed

Eliminating the Myth That "The Customer is Always Right"
Darryl Franklin

AFL-CIO Code of Conduct

Advanced Workplace Investigation Issues in Sexual Harassment Cases
Hon. Stephanie M. Jones, Kirsten Scheurer Branigan, Sheena Hamilton, Julie Richard-Spencer and Sheree Wright

Discovery of Employment Investigations: Privilege and Waiver
Kirsten Scheurer Branigan

Select Task Force on the Study of Harassment in the Workplace
Kirsten Scheurer Branigan

Promising Practices for Preventing Harassment
Kirsten Scheurer Branigan

NLRB’s Regulation of Language and Behavior In The Course of Protected Conduct
Julie Richard-Spencer

Advanced Issues in Sexual Harassment Investigations
Sheree Wright

Is Addiction a Disability under the ADAAA and State and Local Laws?
Shaylyn Cochran, Jeanne Goldberg, Megan Kelley, Robert J. O’Hara and Jason Wojciechowski

Is Addiction a Disability Under the ADAAA?
Robert J. O’Hara and Anastasia A. Regne