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17th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Workplace Problems and Solutions Track

Addressing Accommodation, Retaliation, Light Duty and Performance Management
Hon. Darryl L. Edwards, Cassandra Lenning, Lauren Polk,  Holly L. Sutton

Emerging Theories and Issues in Workplace InvCestigations
Tiffanie C. Benfer, Jeff Brodin, Tamika Lynch, Mary Jo O’Neill, Jon H. Rosen

Exploring the Line Between Religious Expression and Political Ideology in the Workplace and the Duty to Accommodate
Hon. Jocelyn Samuels,  Caryl Flannery, Naomi Frisch, Andrew Schpak, Carolyn Wheeler

Hot Topics and Current Trends in Restrictive Covenants
Taylor Ball, Amit Bindra, Eric A. Tate,  Elizabeth Wilkins

Update and Impact of Pay Transparency Laws
Amy M. Aukstikalnis, Bethanie Barnes, Erin M. Connell, Da Hae Kim