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17th Annual Labor and Employment Law Conference

Litigation and Class Action Track

Analyzing and Pursuing Damages in Employment Litigation
Joseph Ahmad, David Ballew,  Kena C. Cador,  M. Carter DeLorme, Christina (Kim) Min

Employee Layoffs in the Hybrid/ Remote World
Nathaniel M. Glasser, Jonathan Hammer, U Ty Hyderally

Multiple Individual Arbitrations and Mass Arbitrations
Brandon U. Campbell, Eve H. Cervantez, Michele R. Fisher, Elena Goldstein

Recent Developments in Federal Class Certification Law: Personal Jurisdiction, Predominance, Zero Injury Classes and Issue Certification
Hon. Bernice B. Donald (ret.),  Jennifer Davidson, Tritia M. Murata, Elizabeth “Liz” Porter

Recent Trends in Employee Privacy Litigation
Katy Dunn, Yaman Salahi, Melissa A. Siebert, Elizabeth Wilkins