March 14-16, 2019 | Coral Gables, FL

Midwinter Seminar and Conference Papers

Workers’ Compensation Midwinter Seminar and Conference

Miranda Warnings in Workers’ Compensation: Everything You Post Can and Will Be Used Against You in a Court of Law
Hon. Todd B. Seelig, Hon. Sheral C. Kellar, Hon. Sylvia Medina-Shore, Hon Pamela B. Johnson, Michael Petrie

To Tweet or Not to Tweet:  The Use of Technology in Work, Workers’ Compensation and Claims Management
Elizabeth Connellan Smith, Elizabeth Eddy Griffin, Robert J. Grace, Jr., Bleakley, Mike Winer

Sub*ro*ga*tion: What It Is and How It Works
Catherine Tanaka Surbeck, Michael A. Aguilar, Michael I. Fish, Cathy A. Lake, George L. Townsend

The Interplay between OSHA and Workers’ Compensation
James S. Anderson, Stacy A. Tees, Julia Sfurm, William “Bill” J. Wahoff

Alternatives in Pain Management
Katherine Poirier, Teresa Bartlett, M.D., Becky Curtis, Phyllis G. Phillips, Kim D. Starr,

Ethical Considerations, Dilemmas and Obligations in Workers’ Compensation Law
Zachary M. Rubinich, Hon. John J. Lazzara, Stephanie L. Cheralla, Kerri Crosby, Jeffrey S. Gross

Do’s and Don’ts in the Courtroom: Judges’ Perspectives of Effective Advocacy
Derrick L. Williams, Hon. Aisha G. Taylor, Hon. David B. Torrey

Jurisdiction Issues: Who’s the Boss?
Phyllis G. Phillips, Lynn Blasingame Olmert, Thomas J. Murphy

Direct and Cross-Examination of Physicians in the Workers’ Compensation Context
Donald E. Lampert, Janet Frickey, Geoffrey J. Shapiro, Alison Stewart

Workers’ Compensation Symposium

Temporary Transitional Employment
James M. Gallen, Debra Livingston, Marci R. Rosenberg

Top Ten Workers Comp Cases of the Year
Hon. David Torrey, Hon. Robert L. Dietz, Barbara Holmes

Dealing with the Irrational, Paranoid or Suicidal Claimant
Alan S. Pierce, Alex Cuello, Ramon Malca, Albert Ray, M.D.,