February 12, 2020

2015 Meeting Papers

Presentations made at the 2015 Workers' Compensation Committee Midwinter Seminar and Meeting (Co-sponsored by Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section Workers' Compensation Committee). Papers will open in separate windows.


Oklahoma Injury Benefit Act

Bob Burke

Introductory Remarks to the Legal Ethics Panel | Undocumented Workers as an Administrative Law Problem

Michael C. Duff

The Pro Se Litigant in Workers' Compensation: The Judge's Perspective

Hon. John J. Lazarra

Dealing with the Unrepresented Claimant in a Workers' Compensation Case

Richard E. Bordonaro

Representing the Undocumented Worker

Gerald A. Rosenthal

Case Precedent Regarding Employee Status of College Athletes Prior to the Northwestern Case | College Athletes, Graduate Students and Volunteers--New Paradigms and New Solutions

Richard Swanson

There Is No Place Like Nebraska: What Nebraska's Experience Could Tell Us about the Future of the "Student-Athlete"

Jon Rehm

Successfully Navigating the Murky Waters: Americans with Disabilities Act/Family Medical Leave Act and Workers’ Compensation

Caroline J. Berdzik

Medical Myths & Miracles--Evidence Based or Media Based?

V. Jane Derebery

The Quality of Evidence: Relevance and Persuasive Value

Hon. Melodie Belcher and Hon. Deneise Lott

The Quality of Medical Evidence

Hon. Melodie Belcher

The Quality of Evidence: Witness Testimony

Hon. Sheral Kellar

Quality of Evidence: Social Media in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Hon. Jim Szablewicz

Selected Recent Cases: ADAAA Coverage, Qualified, and Reasonable Accommodation

Jeanne Goldberg

ACA / Medicaid / Medicare & Workers' Compensation

Rafael Gonzalez

Settling a Workers' Compensation Claim & Navigating Medicare from the Injured Worker's Perspective

Catherine M. Stanton

MSA Care Guard: An Automated Professional Administration Solution

Marques Torbert

The Value of Structured Settlements for Your Client

Bill Wakelee