2019 Symposium Papers

Leveraging Technology to Address the Wage Gap
Gail Schnitzer Eisenberg, Zev Eigen, Heather Mitchell & David Schaffer

General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”): What is its Impact So Far and Why U.S. Employers Should Care
Reena Bajowala, Michael Borgia, David Shonka & Martin Tully

The New/Old Technology Jurisprudence at the NLRB
Nicole Decter, Wesley Kennedy, Peter S. Ohr & Jake Rubinstein

The Ethical Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Workforce
Kristin Case, Robert Goldman, Nicole Nakagawa & David Oskandy

The Gig Economy Revolution and its Aftermath
Valerie Brender, Felicia Davis & Michael Oswalt

Eliminating Resistance in Digital Discovery: Reducing Frustration, Building Trust
David Gaston, Hon. Mary Rowland, Matthew Aibel & Tilak Gupta

Biometrics and Privacy in the Workplace
Lindsey White, Lori L. Deem, Rebecca Glenberg, Matthew Kugler & David Layden

Practical Trial Skills Panel: Trial Graphics
Hon. Michael Panter, Zoë DeGeer, Jenny Goltz & Scott Horwitz

Technology Utilization and Innovation in the Age of #MeToo
Jonathan F. Harris, Angie Cowan Hamada, Michelle Marks & Jenny Yang

Can you Cover Payroll with Bitcoin?
Shahane Martirosyan, Shehan Chandrasekera, Phillip Fornaro & Will Turner