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February 23, 2022

2021 Meeting Papers

How Does Collective Bargaining Adapt to the Public’s Call for Police Reform – or Should It?
Will Aitchison, Jennifer Dunn and Martin H. Malin

Public Sector Bargaining during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Matt Jarka and Steven L. Weld II

First Amendment Issues for Public Employees: Political Speech or Problem Makers?
Lisa Salkovitz Kohn, Summer Murshid and Roxana M. Underwood

COVID-19 and Public Sector Collective Bargaining in Education
Timothy T. Gardner, Jr, Matthew Greer and Rebecca Yee

Facts, Features and the Future of Police Disciplinary Arbitration
Jeanne Charles and Alan A. Symonette

Ethics in the Practice of Labor and Employment Law: Conflicts Resulting from Personal Relationships
James F. Allmendinger, Lewis G. Brewer and Melissa D. Sobota

Subcommittee Reports

Survey of State Labor Boards on 2020 Highlights
Nicole K. Thibodeau

Constitutional and Statutory Rights of Members and Non-Members
Gregg Adam, Katherine Wolf Broaddus and Gary Messing

Grievance Arbitration
Amanda Clark, Timothy T. Gardner, Jr. and Dan Nielsen

Interest Arbitration

Additional Resources

Heroes to Villains: The Battle to Reform or Protect Law Enforcement (As We Know It) in America
Don Slesnick & Michael Hellman

Social Media and the Progressive Limitations on Public Sector Employees' First Amendment Right to Free Speech
Gregory A. Hearing, Don Slesnick, Daiquiri Steele & Matthew A. Bowles

National Academy of Arbitrators: State and Local Public Sector Committee 2020 Annual Report
National Academy of Arbitrators 

Janus Revisited
Gregg Adam, York Chang, Martin H. Malin and Roxana M. Underwood

First, We “Ax the Arbitrators,” Then We Get Serious about Actually Reforming the Police Discipline Process.
Lee A. Kraftchick