February 13, 2020

2017 Meeting Papers

These papers were presented at the 2017 Midwinter Meeting of the State and Local Government Bargaining and Employment Law Committee. The following links open in a new window to display a PDF file.

Keynote Address: 2016 Arvid Anderson Award Recipient | Powerpoint

Prof. Martin H. Malin


Subcommittee Report: Impact of Federal Legislation

David Fernstrum, Matt Greer & Timothy Hawks


States without Bargaining Legislation

Matthew Greer & Charles “Buddy” Wheatley


Constitutional Issues – Rights of Members and Non-Members

Katherine Wolf Broaddus, Gregg Adam & Barry Simon


Constitutional Issues – Grievance Arbitration

Timothy T. Gardner, Jr., Brenda Pryor & Arthur Riegel


Practice & Procedure – Jurisdiction of State Commissions and Unit Determination Issues

Danielle Carne, Roxana Crasovan & Mariam Manichaikul


Unfair Labor Practice and Scope of Bargaining: Cotrupe | Delaporte | Garcia

Michele Cotrupe, Eric Delaporte & Page A. Garcia


Constitutional Issues – Due Process

Sarah Wilhite Cudahy & Mark Olson


Constitutional Issues – First Amendment

Kurtis Hale & Lisa Salkovitz Kohn


Ethics in Practice of Labor & Employment Law

James Allmendinger & Lewis Brewer


Interest Arbitration: Weld | Public Sector Collective Bargaining | Report | Bailey

Gary L. Bailey, Emily Martin & Steven L. Weld

Report of the Subcommittee on Impact of Federal Legislation

Timothy E. Hawks, Matthew Greer & David R. Fernstrum