April 02, 2021

2011 Meeting Papers

These reports & papers were presented at the 2011 State and Local Government Bargaining & Employment Law Committee Midwinter Meeting. The following links open in a new window to display a PDF file.

Keynote Address: 2010 Arvid Anderson Award Recipient

R. Theodore Clark Jr.

Subcommittee Report: Grievance Arbitration

Kevin Harty | Jennifer Poltrock | Arthur Riegel

Subcommittee Report: Practice & Procedure –Scope of Bargaining

George Crisci

Subcommittee Report: Practice & Procedure –Jurisdiction of State Commissions and Unit Determination Issues

Aaron Granger | Aaron Janik

Subcommittee Report: Interest Arbitration

Gary Bailey | Harvey A. Nathan | Robert Smith

Subcommittee Report: Practice & Procedure –Unfair Labor Practices

D. Lynn Morison

Subommittee Report: Constitutional Issues – Due Process

Mark Olson

Subcommittee Report: Constitutional Issues – First Amendment

Marc J. Bloch | Jason Marsili | Lisa Salkovitz Kohn

Subcommittee Report: Constitutional Issues –Rights of Members and Non-Members

Gary Messing

Subcommittee Report: States without Bargaining Legislation

Mariam Manichaikul | Emily Martin