January 24-25, 2020 | Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Midwinter Meeting Papers

Public Sector Labor Board Decisions of Interest and Constitutional Issues: Due Process & First Amendment Issues
Sarah Wilhite Cudahy, Kurtis Hale and Roxana Underwood

Constitutional & Statutory Rights of Members & Non-Members; Changing Public Sector Bargaining Laws (Special Focus on Janus Implication for Duty of Fair Representation Issues)
Gregg Adam, Katherine Wolf Broaddus and Matt Greer

Interest Arbitration and Grievance Arbitration
Gary L. Bailey, Amanda Clark, Emily Martin and Steven L. Weld

Implicit Bias and Justice
Preshuslee Thompson

To Three or Not to Three? That is the Question: The Pros and Cons of Tripartite Arbitration
Barry E. Simon, Gary L. Bailey, Amy Moor Gaylord and Alan Symonette

A Lawyers’ Lawyer’s Review of the Highlights of a Practice in Public Sector Labor Law from a Management Advocate’s Perspective
James Baird

The Ethical Obligations of Substance Abuse Issues in the Practice of Law
James F. Allmendinger and Lewis G. Brewer

First Amendment as it Applies to Public Employees
Cynthia N. Sass, Donald D. Slesnick, and William X. Candela